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Sep 27, 2011

If you have just now discovered this show, i feel you're pain.  A pain of missing out on one of the best music orientated series ever.   I mean, if there is to be a show about music, then the music must phenomenal.  The story must be unique, and the characters better be interesting.  Well dear reader, i am hear to tell you, this is worth every bit of your time.  So please, make room in you're busy schedule and enjoy the Mongolian Chop Squad.

Making a band is one thing.  Making a band that is known throughout the world is an entirely different.  That is what our young characters intend to do.  Create something big.  Change the world with their music.  This series follows a hand full of people as they grow together.  A story where perseverance pays off.  It's an anime that teaches you that anyone can accomplish their dream if they practice hard enough have loads of talent.  The first episode captivates the viewer and from their on, the rest seems like a fleet of time.  Before you know it, the glorious ending arrives and you cry for more.

Animation remains smooth throughout.  If you care about the animation that much then read another review.  This show has average animation and doesn't mean anything when i rate a series.

Sound.  Yes, this is where Beck shines.  There is no extra songs like other anime.  There is no extra filler songs to keep the anime alive.  Beck is special.  Every song is the bands actual song or another band that is in the anime.  Every song, even for a second, might be from the individual artists practicing.  Every song is filled with the band's soul.  These songs mean something not to just the band but the viewer.  In hidden meaning, the past sentence means each song builds up to the end.  Each song is refined throughout the end until the very end.  It's an anime about music, how could there be a 'not perfect' song?

The characters are dynamic.   Everyone likes a character who dramatically changes throughout the anime.  Even more so when the viewer can gradually see the change.  Each member of the band changes.  They are all appealing characters and soon enough who will wish the band was a real band.  The characters have their hardships with each other, but they live for one thing, the music.

Overall if you have not seen my passion in this review than you won't see it in Beck.  I watched it in DUB which, for me, made the songs much more enjoyable, since they are meant to be in English either way.  The music rocks your soul and is personally the most memorable thing about this anime.  If only Mongolian Chop Squad was a real band.  Each episode is better than the last and the pace never wavers.  Truly a great anime.  Well worth every second.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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LegendZero Oct 13, 2011

i agree with this. Its one of my fav shows and i highley recommend this to anyone.