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Desert Punk

Sep 27, 2011

This anime through me for a spin.  As I'm sure it did you, dear reader.  A whirlwind of emotions ranging from annoyed to those things that come out of your eyes from laughing. You be the judge of how you felt, I'm just a simple teller of tales and opinions.

The story is a unique one.  Cast out in the middle of a great desert, the viewer watches as our main character takes on odd jobs to earn enough money to pay off his debt.  Such jobs involve guarding a town from bandits, guarding a truck delivering shit, and destroying a cursed stone, to name a few.  The odd jobs are endless for a time.  That is until the plot thickens and the tone becomes serious.  Lot's of laughs with the perverted Desert Punk as he fools others and out wits his opponents.  Don't forget the big boobs which accompany nearly every episode.  It makes for a fun show.  The downside you ask?  The ending is not pleasing.  It can be in a way, it almost is a perfect ending, yet it's not.

The animation is like anything else.  Pretty good and not sore on the eyes.  I don't really care to judge the animation anyways because you can watch an episode and find out.

The sound was nothing great.  I don't even remember if there was any sound other than the desert wind rustling the sand and when people walk around or explosion sounds.  The opening was alright, might have been better if the opening wasn't shot with real footage.  Don't remember the ending either.  It all seemed to not fit the anime but that could be me.

Characters were nice.  Sounds like an average saying doesn't it?  The Desert Punk fulfills the glutenous, greedy, perverted anti hero character role.  He loves big breasts and can never stay out of debt.  No one, in the whole desert, likes or respects his horrible morals.  Everyone hates him.  That is, until we meet a young girl.  She is pretty annoying but that doesn't last long.  The Sunabozu is hilarious and he truly makes for a good watch with his wicked, greedy ways.

Overall the i didn't have any gripes until the end.  The ending was terrible.  Possible the worst ending in all of history.  I suggest you watch the anime in DUB as it is not nearly as funny in sub.  If you want the laughs then watch this anime, but be warned, it gets serious 3/4 the way through and almost loses it's charm.  But it's a fun show.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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