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Demand Anime Nao!

19 DEC

Well I'm not as demanding as the title seems.  Just an eye catcher maybe, I don't know.  Anyways short and sweet, I have known for some time but it appears Dance in the Vampire Bund is getting an anime, so this leads into my point.  Why not others!  Man Ive read so many good mangas with more chapters; I'm a little put down some of em already don't have an anime yet. Edit: Dance in the Vampire Bund with as few chapters it has out, has been taken off course and therefore, should have never been an anime in the 1st place.  Also it will end at 12 eps, which makes for a crappy run for a seemingly badass manga. Therefore, my manga to anime limit has been raised to 50, which seems about far.  This gives the anime and manga plenty of time.

Well here is a list Ive put together of just a few manga I think absolutely deserve anime now.  They have plenty of chapters and are perfect for a badass anime reward.

A hot topic among manga fans, so give your opinion and admire mine. XD

Completed Manga

Akumetsu - Finished today and I must say, with the killing and overall moral views it gives, this manga is perfect for anime.  There is political diction used but its all explained.  This is the next Deathnote!!! 

O-Parts Hunter/666 Satan - The satanic kid makes a marvelous hero, which is ironic.  Adventure like Hunter X Hunter, creative weapons, this manga would be a hit anime.

Suzuka - aww inspiring, heart warming manga, this manga needs to be finished into an anime.  With only half, the ending to the manga would surely turn the anime into a legendary romance.

On-going Manga

Ares - War hungry nations and freaking battle trained top-notch sword fighting teens, thirsty for revenge and a terrible betrayal. It is the make for a glorious anime.  A perfect tail of young fighters in the world of war!  A manga befitting of an anime, it would be freaking badass.

Bakuman (WISH GRANTED) - I cant tell you how long Ive been waiting for this to be an anime.  this manga is about as awesome as Bleach and would be quite the interesting manga. Its about manga, yet its an addictive read.  Main stream anime right here!

Berserk (WISH GRANTED)- Yes i know, it wont be an anime again but i have to add it. The rest of the manga is amazing.  Enough said.

Breaker - Action packed with kick ass martial arts.  Hard to compare to this and therefore deserves a badass anime.

Change 123 - Ecchi is always better in anime form. XD.  But seeing these 4 ladies in action would sure be a huge hit.


Holyland - A struggling kid who is constantly getting beat down but always manages to push himself and beat the other gangsters.  Yeah this would be sweet to see.

Hunter x Hunter - (WISH GRANTED)Back from its hiatus and on-going, the anime needs to do the same.  A joyous anime that's light-hearted and adventuresome, I want to see more.

Kimi No Iru Machi - Intense emotions, on-edge love triangle, and cute chicks, this is not your average romance manga.  This is not some ecchi no plot manga here, with an anime, this series would have fans begging for each episode.

Kurohime - Flawless in plot and action.  Creative monsters and something that has not been done in the anime field, this manga is beyond perfect for an anime.

Sidooh - Two gets who go through hell and still become samurai.  These kids are like the younger Kenshin, so in that honor they need an anime.

Tough - Ahh another great martial arts manga.  Enough said.  This manga is all about traditional arts and how one can adapt to others.  Very awesome manga and would be a great anime

Vagabond - epic.  Potential to be a bigger success than Kenshin.  Simply outstanding with so much story to tell.  Easily worth an anime.

Veritas - Any manhwa where lightning powers are involved needs an anime.  So many sweet martial arts it is unimaginable to see this in an anime. Meaning its so awesome I don't know how they would do it.  Deserves a famed anime.

Vinland Saga

Zetman - (WISH GRANTED) Creatures of ugly powers and one incredibly designed hero (Zet), seeing him beat ass and become the creature he was born to be is a definite need to see anime.


(Based manga to anime on manga with 60+ chaps.)  (Updated August, 16 2010 11:40 pm ET)


GodzillaGus avatar GodzillaGus
Jul 31, 2013

great call on Vagabond. it truely deserves to have an anime. Beserk got some movies made after the anime. though, idk how well they relate to the manga. haven't seen them yet.

Shuhan avatar Shuhan
Jul 10, 2013

It's sad that Suzuka is unfinished and 666 Satan is still not taken by anyone to turn this into an anime. :(

Both manga deserves anime version.

alejgarc8 avatar alejgarc8
Dec 7, 2011

It is pretty late to say but Akumetsu is not the next Death Note. No, my friend, Death Note was the next Akumtsu. ( Aku-2002, Death Note-2003ish)

Anathemus avatar Anathemus
May 20, 2011

Vinland Saga! Now that would be awesome :) and I never seen an anime like that... everything is pretty much present day or futuristic... let's explore historical mangas plz

nitaipriya avatar nitaipriya
May 31, 2010

i agree i hate when they take these few volume mangas and make animes when there are soooo many others out there that need to be done ^^

and unfortunately i felt that Suzuka anime did no justice...

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