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  • I'm sorry but some Manga need to end. Seriously.

I'm sorry but some Manga need to end. Seriously.

18 JUL

Have you ever gotten into an interesting manga and after about 60 chapters you find yourself wondering why you continue to read it?  Well I think all of us manga readers have been there.  There comes where a point for the mangaka in every manga where they need to finish on a high note and put up the pencil.  Leave your readers feeling satisfied with the ending, instead of them asking the question, "For goodness sake, when will this end".

Well, ladies and gentleman, that’s my point here.  I’m looking through my list and I’m just about sick of some of these mangas, yet I want to read the ending.  I’m already far in the manga so why give up?  Oh, it's a dreadful situation indeed.  Romances seem to be the worst in my professional opinion.  You can only go so far in a relationship.  Don’t hold me to it though; there are some action mangas that need to close up shop as well. (Cough Bleach, cough enough filler)

A Romance manga is not meant to be a life story day by boring day.  Show a part of the life, make it a nice story and end it.  A perfect romance has the A to D skip to w to Z style to it.  Yagetwhaimsay'n?  In my own little way, it means showing points in the life, important points that will let us, the reader, follow the story and still feel some emotion towards it.  When taken too far, the result is upset stomach, indigestion and serious aggravation.

Therefore, I’m fed up with manga that should have ended long ago yet are still trudging along.  Walking through a bog, slow and painfully, that is.  Here is a few manga that need to end, a few manga that need to be cancelled so I can add them to "read list" and get it over with.

Girls Saurus DX (*ENDED!  IT'S FINALLY OVER!)- Oh Boy!  This manga here needs some work.  When I say work, what it really needs is progression in plot.  Now I’m no author, correct me if I’m wrong, but when there is roughly 50 chapters of the same, “afraid of girls…icky” plot going on, one would get a little tired of it.  Yes you heard me!  The entire manga is based around a boy who is afraid of girls.  It’s a repetitive boring non-progressing plot since chapter uno.  Frankly, the guy needs to saddle up one of these “Girl Saurses” and riderlikeabeast.  These ladies, can you even call them that?  More like tramps that strip and offer themselves to the guy, tramps that I’ve discovered are way too young to do those things..  Anyways, it could be ended any time in my book.  There are no elements in this story that make it worth going any further.  Sorry but this manga has to end soon.

Pastel – I had really high hopes for this manga.  I mean, I even recommended it to many internet friends to read it.  I told them, “It’s really a good story about a young couple. It gets interesting and is full of……”  There is no need to go any further.  I was wrong.  Well not really wrong in the sense I was defeated.  More like, wrong in that it stays interesting throughout the story.  Great set up, great slow plot but once you get to about chapter 100, it just drags on.  I mean the girl and boy has not even done anything but kiss.  Tell me the interesting part in that slow ass development?  The author just keeps introducing new lame ass characters who barge in and add nothing to the story, if there was ever a story at all.  They live together but still freeze when they see each other. Once again, there is no progression among the main characters.  There is too much filler and boringness for the manga to continue.  The main characters need to get married, break up, or have a kid.  Something, anything!  Sorry but this manga has long passed its time.  End already!

Ping – For those of you who read this, well sorry but this manga never had a chance.  In fact, the idea should have never been written to paper.  A boy who is immune to powers yet can absorb others power.  Ok I give this credit, kind of cool honestly.  Well the kicker is, there is a long ass-named granny who is in a young dying body.  She needs a new body soon or something and so uses her time trying to get this kid back.  By the way, this kid has already been kidnapped and is super weak.  Also the cover volume is misleading because there is not an ounce of ecchi in the manga.  I call false drawing.  First off, to many names to remember, the releases take 1000 years so it’s hard to remember what went on.  This manga’s chance, to me, never had one and needs some development and shorter names.  Maybe the kid, main character, could do something more remarkable instead of being a little wimp.  I don’t see how this manga is still on-going but something needs to happen or it should get the AX.

GE - I have long since decided that japan must not know anything about relationships.  Grant it, I myself could probably be a Hitch.  I know all the skills yet don't follow and/or have never tried them. To the point, every guy in a shounen romance manga is. a. dumbass.  Now I know the romance cycle is for the sake of the fans but COME ON!  The guy in GE falls for like 3 people.  When the first girl ____ his heart, he goes after another one then she ____ him and....he is just a crybaby.  He gets a girl to like him and he f*cks it up.  No guy is that idiotic unless you own the woman and can afford to mess around like that.  lol.  Point being, this should of ended along time ago and is like every other shounen romance out there, typical dumbass who doesn't know when to keep what he's got.

Holyland - Yep, this is not a romance.  Holyland was good.  I'll appreciate the stories contribution to manga society but that it ends there. The guy in holyland *spoiler* Never truly gets any stronger.  He is also an imbecile.  Every match he wins boosts his ego until finally he faces a good opponent and looses.  After such a loss, the reader spends 20 chapters watching this clown mope and cry because he is still too weak and has no place to call his turf.  Seriously?  To be fair, the manga has ended, but it should not be as long as 20+ volumes.  A waste of peoples time.  Another important thing about this manga is that while there are some interesting fights, the mangaka likes to preache to you about certain moves and such. I think his true goal is not to enterain you with the story, but in hopes you will learn off his teachings.  By learning off his teachings, I'm sure he wants you to beats his ass for ever writing such a dull drawn out manga.  It should of ended sooner.

Kimi No Iru Machi - [Insert GE Rant Here]  Once again the reader faces with yet another unintelligant male who doesn't know how to think.  That's right, h-something needs to get over eba for crying out loud.  She even doesn't want to be with him o, for didn't.  The manga is pretty far and from reading reviews about the new chapter, I have a feeling it would not be worth my or anyones time.  Haru-something had a great girl in college and what did he do?  There's no need for me to tell you because haru is a dumbass. No matter the girl or story arc, the outcome will always be the same. Once again, Japanese mangaka don't have a clue about romance and just want to keep the perpetual cycle of falling in love and failing going.  It never ends readers.  Keep on reading and hopefully someday, the content will end and we can open a bottle and celebrate.

The Major has finished his rants.  I’m content with what I have said so far and who knows maybe I might write about more manga if waste my time reading and waiting for them.  If you get this far then I honestly applaud you because I DOUBT anyone will read a blog about these boring manga.  Oh well, have to voice my opinion somehow.  Thanks for reading and feel free to chip in a manga that needs the ax.


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gravitron avatar gravitron
Nov 13, 2013

I disagree with the comment about GE, I am a guy, and I found it easily relatable. The only difference among the main character of GE and real guys, is the fact that he is not afraid to be honest, and his honesty is taken as stupidity. I wish I had half the guts he had, maybe I would be with the girl I really loved if I could have been honest and up front, and decided like him.

nitaipriya avatar nitaipriya
Dec 1, 2011

and even worse is when you make it past the 80 plus chapters and then the manga drops ... no ending ... the writer fell sick or picked up something new... *NANA* ahem ... *Bokura Ga Ita* ahem ... thats why now i only read completed manga ... except for Dengeki Daisy - but i agree with you - i can't even remember where i left off since it takes for ever to release... -.-

MageOnx avatar MageOnx
Oct 26, 2011

Isn't it wierd that you people mention Bleach, but not a word about Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh! (which isn't visually captivating as well as long, with countless sequels --->http://www.anime-planet.com/manga/all?name=yu-gi-oh&filter_mode=manga&include_types=none&include_tags=none&exclude_tags=none&include_status=none) or One Piece?? Dunno, but that just isn't logical to me...

Oh, and add to list Maid Sama!, The One, Skip Beat!, Shugo Chara! (OK, the main thing ended, but it has a new manga sequel!! How bad is that?!!), Case Closed (boy, does that need to end already! Jimmy, go back to your old body already, why drag it for so long if you're such a genious detective?!!), and so on, and so on. -_-'

default avatar ladyheart1
Sep 13, 2011

You got to put some consideration if you gonna end it. draw manga

Itochan60 avatar Itochan60
Feb 21, 2011

I wholeheartedly agree wityh this blog post.  Long manga is half of the reason I never finished most of the manga I started.  This was especially true when I used to buy manga more often, it was just so darn expensive to keep going with a longer series that unless it was amazing, I ended up dropping out halfway through.

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