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The Perfect Op/Ed Music

25 NOV

Some of the most memorable anime for me would have to be the ones with badass openings and endings, and of course, the middle music.  The songs that are not popular like battle themes and all that jazz.  Well after a long look at my list of anime, I've decided to dedicate a blog to my most memorable anime based on the music.

Gah its hard to go about this the right way, very hard. I guess ill start with Openings and endings.  Anyways, remember the good times and give the links a listen.

Air Gear - I want a pair of ATs.  Hip opening gets ya pumped for the awesome thats about to rock your world.

  • - OP - Chain
  • - End - Sky 2 High

Beck - Every song in this anime was incredible.  The Opening and both endings struck the right chord.

- OP - Hit in the USA

- 1st Ending - My World Down

- 2nd Ending - Moon on the Water

Berserk - Yes you guys know what I'm talking about.  That awesome broken English song we all grew so attached to.

  • - Tell Me Why

Bleach - As much as some may deny this, Bleach has some pretty crazy cool openings/endings.

 - Op #1

 - Op #10

- End #20

Bokurano - I just like the sound of her voice. Uninstall Uninstall...

  • - Opening

Cowboy Bebop - The intro is a unique jazzy twist with some spunk.  The particular ending of ep 13 also needs to be on here.  It packs a beautiful punch.

- Opening

 - Space Lion - Yoko Kanno - End

Eden of the East - A perfect opening for an anime shrouded in mystery.  The song...shit just listen. The more I listen the more I love it.

  • - Oasis - Falling down - Op

Freedom - Sadly this is as far as i got through this anime.  Too much CG.

- Op

Garden of Sinners - Something about this opening is just beautiful.

-In the Garden of Sinners - OP

Ghost in the Shell - Personally my favorite intros ever.  The beauty in Yoko Kanno's composing and Origa's voice is off the charts.

  • -1st gig Op - Inner Universe
  • - 2nd gig Op - Origa - Rise
  • - Lithium Flower - 1st Ending
  • - Living Inside the Shell - 2nd Ending

Hellsing - One vampire killing baddass. Check. Awesome opening? Check.

- The World Without Logos - Op

Iria: Zeriam the Animation - Though the anime was beyond repair, the one good thing about this anime was it's opening.  It goes perfect with the space theme of the anime. At the part 1:07, man this part is so full of life.

  • - Op

Jin-Roh - Now this may be a soft song, but i'll be damned if I get any shanagins about it.

- End

Last Exile - Just soothing to the ears and very calming.  The song captivates the viewer on the first episode.  Usually I don't listen to most openings, but this one was just incredible.

  • - Op - Textless

Mushi-shi - Simple and tantalizing, this opening makes you feel like going on a journey.  Listen the opening about 10 times and eventually, you will sing to it like I do.

  - Op - The Sore Feet Song

Naruto Shippuuden - To be completely honest here, it's hard to outdo the first OP.

  •  - Heros Come Back - Op 1

Rurouni Kenshin - Just WOW!  The greatest ending has to be the 3rd.  Yes you should all remember this, or at least it will feel nostalgic.

 - Heart of Sword - 3rd end

Samurai Champloo - I don't know how I forgot this. Its just way to perfect for this hip-hop samurai anime.  It just draws you in, ya dig? HA!

  • - Op

Speed Grapher - The intro, you could not get a better fitting intro to story than this.  Its truly awesome that they match so well.

- Girls on Film - Duran Duran - Op

Trigun - Ahh yes classic intro right here. Easy to listen to and easy to recognize as Vash's song.  I enjoy the guitar.

  • - Op

Welcome to the NHK! - I like it, has some spunk to it, which is almost uplifting considering how dramatic the anime is.

- Op

Wolf's Rain - I bet you all forgot about this one didn't you.  A chilling intro that sent shivers down the spine.  What a great song.

  • - Stray - Op

----End of Part 1----


Middle Music                               Middle Music                              Middle Music

^Part 2^

Updated: January 31, 2012 9:00 pm EST


DeDaan avatar DeDaan
Jan 31, 2012

Nice Major !! I really like this, although some songs dont work, or maby i am doing something wrong XD

FedExMachina avatar FedExMachina
Feb 8, 2011

I smiled at the comment made about the berserk intro. SO lame and incredibly awesome nonetheless.

My biggest addition would be the opening theme to Basilisk, however. The battle flute and other epic tidbits in the song made the series that much more badass if you took the time to watch the intro every episode.

Bound avatar Bound
Apr 9, 2010

Hi there nice list!

I was going to reccommend Air Gear aswell haha but I see its already been suggested.

One of the best shows for music I think is Tsubasa Chronicles, you should def check it out :D

Sunagan avatar Sunagan
Apr 5, 2010

Some very good openings and endings here :P! Some songs just manage to be engraved in our memories forever, the beautiful but also the corny ones. personally i disliked the 2nd opening theme of death note, but i really like most of the other links you put on there :D good going! anyway if you'd like to know about my fav openings/endings, i wrote a similar blog so feel free to pay a visit to my profile ;)


Anathemus avatar Anathemus
Dec 30, 2009

Nice selection! :)

Here's my favorite OP


and ED


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