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I am not a satanist, I just have a awesome name.

I animate my own cartoons, draw comics and write books. Don't worry, I'm not pretentious; I suck at all three.

I hate the term "otaku".  I'll watch most anime, but I prefer abstract, psychological, philosophical and drama.  I have a distain for too much spikey hair and fan service.

I've been meaning to write reviews for years now, but I've only recently decided to. I plan on releasing no fewer than 50 reviews this year (2013).  Call it a New Years resolution if you want.

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Bixie says...

Well hell, You can get some of the FF games pretty cheap now a days. I haven't played all of them, but just a few. I like them. In fact, FF VII: Dirge of Cerberus is sorta like DMC. That's the game that got me into DMC in the first place and then into amime! Crazy huh?


Sep 24, 2008
Bixie says...

OMG! Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry games are what made me get into anime! It's funny how that comes to be isn't it! I've played all the DMC games except DMC 4. I don't have a PS3 yet. But I plan on getting one someday! 


Sep 24, 2008
VivisQueen says...

If you like it already at episdoe 4, then basically expect your brain to be blown out of your skull by its awesomeness. Cause that's what it did to me. Enjoy!

Sep 24, 2008
VivisQueen says...

Gurren-Lagann... damn I wish I hadn't watched that show. That way, I can discover it anew. So much fun! The only other show that's made me feel that pumped (and probably more) was Major. Heh. I wonder if I can rec them. So different and yet give that same 'FUCK YEAH!' feeling...

Sep 24, 2008
Bixie says...

I sure hope I like vol. 3 I've been waiting for it for awhile!!!!

Do you like the games?

Sep 24, 2008