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Alright, first, let's finish off my top 10.

Rawr. There we go.

I go by many nicknames, TGM and Spike being the most common.

I hail from the Wiki-Communist state known as Baka-Tsuki where we do light novel translations such as Haruhi, Zero no Tsukaima, Fate/Zero, Kaze no Stigma, and others. Come check us out sometime!

As for anime I'll practically watch anything under the sun unless it strikes a bad cord with me, and not many can achieve that. I don't have a favorite genre really, even though my tops revolve around mecha, I like them for different aspects.

Glad to be a member here at A-P!


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wanryavka Feb 6, 2008

I like how Seto no Hanayome appears twice in your list.  You musa really liked that show.

Noproblem Feb 6, 2008

thanks alot :)

Noproblem Feb 6, 2008

hehe thanks for the warm welcome hehe :P

ThuGie Feb 5, 2008

Yeah i guess they did they so i wouldnt curse in the title,

And it would look strange if the title would say thanks,

And the message go **** :p

I'm missing thanks for the commend though.. 

ThuGie Feb 5, 2008

Hey i finaly worked a bit on my profile so no complaining :D.