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Alright, first, let's finish off my top 10.

Rawr. There we go.

I go by many nicknames, TGM and Spike being the most common.

I hail from the Wiki-Communist state known as Baka-Tsuki where we do light novel translations such as Haruhi, Zero no Tsukaima, Fate/Zero, Kaze no Stigma, and others. Come check us out sometime!

As for anime I'll practically watch anything under the sun unless it strikes a bad cord with me, and not many can achieve that. I don't have a favorite genre really, even though my tops revolve around mecha, I like them for different aspects.

Glad to be a member here at A-P!


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OverLord01 Feb 6, 2008

Well thanks for the comment! It is good to see another FMP fan in the anime-planet masses.

I know you will not back down, neather will I! (smile)

You surprised me when you showed up the way you did in that thread. A very brave person you are! :) Its all good tho.

Feel free to put me on your friends list if you want and I will do it to mine.


2007digitalboy Feb 6, 2008

HELL YES! Any fan of Baccano is a friend of mine! haha!

Reawen Feb 6, 2008

I saw your avatar on ThuGie's page - I love it! Great FMP art. Although now that I'm here, I see you seem to have collected comments from other people who are also sporting awesome FMP avatars ^_^ Your page is like FMP Central.

The sig looks cool, too. And I like what you wrote about watching all anime under the sun - I'm pretty all over the place with my own viewing as well.

Ok, now I think I'm starting to sound like a fangirl, so I'll quit gushing all over your profile ^_~  See ya 'round! 

Noproblem Feb 6, 2008

wow mate..gimme a break will you... i'm getting there, got too many series i want to see and too little time to see it in...besides... some of us do have "some kind of life " outside the world anime :D summer break closing in anyway...means i graduate and got tons of time mwhahahaha

sothis Feb 6, 2008

FANTASTIC recs you've been doing! Apologies for all the site hiccups recently - the new server will eventually be awesome!