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Alright, first, let's finish off my top 10.

Rawr. There we go.

I go by many nicknames, TGM and Spike being the most common.

I hail from the Wiki-Communist state known as Baka-Tsuki where we do light novel translations such as Haruhi, Zero no Tsukaima, Fate/Zero, Kaze no Stigma, and others. Come check us out sometime!

As for anime I'll practically watch anything under the sun unless it strikes a bad cord with me, and not many can achieve that. I don't have a favorite genre really, even though my tops revolve around mecha, I like them for different aspects.

Glad to be a member here at A-P!


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Karisu says...

I had set up my entire anime list (well over 120) but then the site got rolled back and my data was lost.  So, I'm slowly adding my collection back up.  So, if it looks like I've only watched like 12 animes, you can blame the site crashing for that :)

/end pointless rant 

Mar 30, 2008
sasnin14 says...


 *just realized of the comment on her page*

hmm, i really haven't been up to a lot of stuff...been to dance, working on my site & forum, watching little to no anime... almost getting in a fight,... trynna get my big bro(by heart) hooked up with this one girl.. then with this other one lol ... then trynna explain this one dude that i don't like him... and today, my so called 'ex' is talking to me again... (cuz i insulted him..and now he's nice wtf?) umm ya, and i guess that's kinda all... nothin' really..

but ya, how bout you?


Feb 20, 2008
Fenderhawk says...


You sir, are epic suck.

ばかやろ。 D: 

:P Just kidding.

Feb 15, 2008
tetra says...

Haha, we flock towards the people who openly adresses the anime we like ^^

You should have seen my presentation when my top5 was my favourite yaoi/shounen ai ;) 

Feb 12, 2008
Kivan says...

Nice avatar :) And cool college... game design ?:) nice nice

Feb 11, 2008