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Fall 2013 Anime

29 SEP

I'm VERY busy with work and art stuff lately, so I wont have time to watch much this season, nor write very much here, but I'll at least post my first impressions on the things I do try out.

Pokemon: The Origin - I'll put it here so I don't have to make a second entry for it, and it did air during the beginning of the Fall season so...

This was like the games, the beginning of the anime, and the manga all put together in a very realistic and grown-up fashion. MUST-SEE FOR POKEMON FANS, even if you only liked Gen1 WATCH IT OH MY GOD WHY ARE YOU READING THIS GO NOW.

The art and animation is much higher quality than what they put into the series, but not quite as fantastic as they do for the movies. I'm not gonna spoiler anything but wow, WOW. This was perfect. GO WATCH IT.

Super Seisyun Brothers - REALLY GOOD ART, pretty funny, for a 5-min this is pretty good and I will likely continue to watch.

Kyoukai no Kanata - I have no idea what this is but there's a girl with glasses and KyoAni's gorgeous animation. It doesn't seem like it'll be as good as I thought, but then again, I'm only one epidsode in so I can't say much. Decent, at least, 6/10 starting. It turned out really good! 7/10

Coppelion - I actually think this will be one of the better ones for the season. Starting 7/10

KILL la KILL - I had mixed feelings going into this, but after watching that first episode all my worries were put to rest. This is gonna be rad. 7/10 starting

Kyousougiga - I enjoyed the OVA thingy and if I remember correctly, I said that it would be way better as a series, and lookie what we got! The 00 episode is pretty much the first half of the OVA redone, so it looks like the series will be very similar. Starting 6/10

Strike The Blood - Seems pretty boring generic to me, I don't think I'll be watching this. 5/10

Nagi no Asakara - Very pretty, kinda interesting, sure why not? 6/10 start. I ended up not having time for this, but maybe I'll pick it back up some day?

Golden Time - I wasn't planning on watching this and don't plan to continue. Seems decent for it's genre tho. 5/10

Gingitsune - Cute, I'll keep watching. 5/10 Didn't have time to watch this, wont be revisiting. Honestly I was just watching it for that yiffy bara fox.

Meganebu! - It's so bad lmao. I will admit the art style they have going on is pretty neat tho. And I really dig those mecha glasses in the opening, haha. But no really, it's pretty awful. It's on the level of awful that male-viewer fanservice anime are at, without the boob and crotch shots. In addition to all this, I'm only liking one of the boys. Way to fail at fanservice. Deen wanted Free's audience but clearly did not understand what made it appealing. I might watch another episode or two for the lulz. 4/10

Outbreak Company - I made two attemps to watch this and I'm glad I came back to give it another shot because it's actually pretty funny. Girls are cute, too. I might watch this if I have time. 6/10

Non Non Biyori - Really cute!! Also reminds me of living at my dad's place, haha. With only five students I'm surprised their school is still open. I had to drive 30 miles to get to school because the school I was supposed to attend got closed the year before I moved out there (at 20? students total K-12). This show gives me happy feels, so I'll keep watching, even if nothing is really happening, haha. 5/10

Tokyo Ravens - Reeeeaaaalllllllly slow to start? Nothing happened until the end of the episode. I'll try one more and if it goes back to that boring everyday stuff then I'll stop, but if it keeps up with the action then I might watch it. From what I've seen of the plot so far it seems pretty boring. 5/10 start

Unbreakable Machine-Doll - This is actually pretty good, with an interesting setting. My soft spot for robots comes in a little. Some great designs in here, too. 6/10 starting. I ended up not watching it, it got kinda lame. 5/10

Samurai Flamenco - Well this certainly is...interesting. It's a lot like KickAss in the premise - a normal guy in a realistic setting wants to be a super hero, but you know, anime. It's actually pretty funny and cute. I'll keep watching. 5/10 for now OH MY GOD IT GOT AWESOME. If you're a fan of sentai or even used to watch Power Rangers as a kid, this is great! Magical girl action too! 7/10 Extra Extra Update: Two more episodes to go and um. Wow. This show has so many twists and turns. It's really left me speachless, haha. It's something that you really have to see.

Galilei Donna - Seems interesting enough but I'll have to watch the second episode before I can give a good opinion on it. 5/10 start Couldn't make myself watch more, no time for it.

Pokemon XY - I honestly only watched the first episode; I haven't finished Declora yet. I don't know if I'll be watching the whole season or not. I think I'll just peck at it here and there.


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