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Man, I never like writing these things. But here it goes... I lead a pretty nice life; I'm a highschooler with good grades, I live in a not-too-busy town, and the Wal-mart I go to isn't completely overrun with creepers yet, which is cool when you compare it with other Wal-marts.

I didn't used to like anime. In fact, I had thought it was just some dumb cartoon show that had characters who talked out of sync with the voices. But one day, (I believe I was 10) I was bored and just happened to flip the channel to a show called Dragon Ball Z.

I was awestruck. I no longer payed attention to the voices. Instead, I was drawn in by the art and creativity that was put into the show. And so everytime the show came on my eyes were glued to the screen (maybe why I have such bad eyesight now) and when I was away when the show came on, I would call my mom to make sure she recorded it. Haha, she never did get the recordings right...

The art is what really got to me. I loved how anime artists could create a fictional character, yet make it seem that it was full of life. Since the art moved me so much, I decided to try drawing anime myself when I was 12. Well... it was a rocky start. I kept drawing though, and I quickly realized that there is no end to the creative possibilities of anime or manga. Now that I'm 15, I can say that I've improved, though a lot of my drawings have references. 

My parents, however, have a different view of the whole anime subject. (Thats right, I have that type of parents.) I've brought up anime to them before, but they always come at me with, "It's too crazy for me." and "It's just weird." Phew. Good thing I didn't tell them how much I liked anime.

 Whatever, people have different interests. And I just happen to be interested in the crazy, illogical, and absolutely wonderful world of anime.


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