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Kore wa zombie desu ka?


Aikawa Ayumu is just an ordinary 17-year old boy - or so it seems.
After being killed by a notorius serial killer, Ayumu were revived by the mysterious necromancer Eucliwood Hellsythe. Thus he became a zombie.
Things continues to gets worse as he drains the powers of a girl named Haruna, making him a "magical girl".
Now he´s forced to live together with these girls, including a hostile vampire ninja, by the name Seraphim.
While having to fight ugly monsters and being a magical girl, Ayumu will soon realize how rough it is to both maintain a stable life aswell as his pride as a man.

It is a fairly simplistic story, with a great chance is being too monotonous - Or so I thought!
Despite having a pretty slow-moving story from time to time, it is a great mix of laughters and a fairly intriguing scenes.
Since I do have a soft spot for slapstick jokes, this is an anime that is very easy to fall in love with - and I did.

The only things that bothered me (except for the occationaly slow-paced story), was the very abrupt ending. It was over before you could actualy realize that it was the last episode.

Story: 7,5/10

This anime was produced by Studio Deen, who have also produced titles such as Ah My Buddha - which I didn´t care for that much.
In my opinion Studio Deen has taken a step in the right direction, introducing animation equal to Kyoto Animation.
It contains sharp and colourful animations with visual effects that I would rank above standard.

Animation: 9/10

The OP of this series seems misplaced and quite frankly odd, considering the cheerfulness of this anime. Thankfully, the ED is synonymous with those impressions, aswell as it does have a very catchy chorus.
The rest of the music is well synchronized with the mood setting of that particular moment, but unfortunatly they are not that rememberable that you would hope for.

Sound: 8/5

Something that is very important to me, is character intigration - Which basicly means the chemistry between each character. They have done very well in making it enjoyable watching the characters interact with eachother. On the other hand, I find that it lacked alot of depth in explaining some of the main/secondary characters. There are some characters that are of none or of very little importance to this anime - something that is quite depressing.

Character: 7,5/10

If you love anime series with alot of slapstick comedy, as well as elements of ecchi/pantyshots and a relativly basic storyline, then this is most defenitly something for you! I can guarantee that you will have a great laugh.

Overall: 8/10

Thank you for reading my review!
I hope you liked it!


7.5/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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