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I truly love this anime! It is a really good anime, both when it comes to animation, characters and story!

As you just noticed I just praised the story, and you may ask yourselves: "Then why the hell did he put such a lame score on the story!?". To answer that question you must see the anime itself! There were some episodes that just ruined it! This particiular episode really destroyed the mood and made me enjoy the last episode less then I might should have done! 

Another thing to add is, that there are alot of different faces and names to remember, and it took me quite a few episodes just to remember who is who.. You could say it was a real mess,,

Besides that, the story both before and after the parts that are mentioned are awesome and it was a real pleasure to my eyes! It is well made and really made you think!

If it was not for these small mistakes I would´ve been giving the story a 9 instead of the 7,5. What a shame..

The characters and the animation was above my expectations! You could cry, laugh, and feel pity alot of times!

The sound on the other hand was a thing that I never paid any attention! The music was too "neutral" for me to decide wheter it was good or bad! It wasn´t a part of the anime that "stood out", if you know what I mean?..

However, overall, this is an anime that I think all the pepole who have watched animes such as Air, Clannad and Kanon would enjoy! I know I did! :D



7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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