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I'm just here to find animes that peek my liking. I find harem anime to be funny so i watch quite afew of them unless it has brother sister stuff then it's a no way, along with crappy story line.

I find sword, supernatural, magic, fighting, war, and demon very intresting and normaly make a great animes to watch. I mainly made a account to hopefully help me find and keep track on what animes i've watched and haven't watched and those that I'll like

If i find a anime i enjoy i always make a review of it on Deviantart to hopefully get the anime more pop then it has.

Animes that have a hot-headed girl in it are always fun I think. Im not a fan of bad looking animes not by story or the characters but if they don't look good is what i mean. So if anyone refurs a bad looking anime (bascily anything under the year 2001) most likely wont get a second look from me sorry ^^'

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