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Hello there.

- Takes top hat off and bows - Welcome to my page, hope I'm not causing any huge loading issues for your little computer/phone/device there, ahahah. I would like to be called Aderes, Kai, or Silver please. I'm a small being of the Female gender. I am an INFJ personality type, and my alignment is Chaotic Good. They don't define me, but they're still nice to know, you know? Anywho, I am Norwegian, Irish, German, and Scottish. I'm a sucker for over-powered characters, heh. Anime is a pretty big part of me, but I don't solely exist for it. I love reading, especially really big books. And manga, of course. I live for depressing/horror/action/comedy filled anime. Can't get enough of it, lol. My favourite colours are Red and Silver, but I enjoy pastel colours as well. As of recently, I've begun to dip into drawing again and have been constantly building a story in my mind. Why was that necessary to add you ask? Because it's an important part of me. I am a Christian, and am currently attending 2 colleges. Yay me! ^-^ I like any music I don't hate, that's all I can say to my taste, lol. I am always open to listen to people, even when I don't seem to be paying attention I am listening to everything around me. You have been warned. I'm not a big talker, I just prefer to listen than to talk, because I'm a weirdo. I seem to be fairly scary to approach, but you never have to be afraid to talk to me.

Because I am a small [wo]man, my heart is moved by what's in front

of my eyes, not by what the world needs.


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 " The things we fear the most, have already happened to us . . ."

You reap what you sow




Attention! Attention!

Mizuki has something to say!

If you would like to know what Silver's favourite Anime & Manga are, or who her favourite characters are, feel free to take a look at her custom lists she has currently put together! If you would like to talk to her, feel free to leave a comment below. She will always get back to you as soon as she can! Promise! Feel free to ask her about anything, she's always ready to listen!

- Suddenly a mass of red crashes through the window -


 Greetings, human(s).

I am Silver's favourite character, my name is Alucard.

Do not disrespect my comrade, or you shall pay dearly.

She respects everyone, and wishes to be repaid with the same respect.

Ichigo Kurosaki and I share the same birthday: July 15th!


Flight Rising: Kaibyo

Elsword: Gailavira

Deviantart: VeteranAvenger

Neverwinter: Deunan Knute or Briareos

PlayStationNetwork (PSN): Raifushika

Xbox Live: Kaibyo



P o w e r Can Devour ;



Corruption Is D e s t r u c t i o n .



We all have demons. I just choose to feed mine

 “Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.”  -Cormac McCarthy

“Alone. Yes, that's the key word, the most awful word in the English tongue. Murder doesn't hold a candle to it and hell is only a poor synonym.” - Stephen King

But better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.

“Demons are like obedient dogs; they come when they are called.” -Remy de Gourmont

"Sometimes it's the words we choose not to say that speak most loudly about our character." - Lysa TerKeurst

“The charm of horror only tempts the strong” -Jean Lorrain

Some of us were never made for tranquility, stability, for calmness and quiet tides. Some of us were made for giant waves; For thunder storms and hurricanes.

But there was no need to be ashamed of tears, for tears bore witness that a man had the greatest of courage, the courage to suffer.

"I’m only quiet because I’m worried that if you push me too far, one day I will open my mouth and I will scream so loudly, it will shatter and break the whole world."

I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.

“When it's my time, and the reaper calls my name, there will be no stink of fear on me, and my only wish will be to die with grace, covered in the blood of my enemies.” - Cedric Nye






In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

The earth was without form and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep.

And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

Then God said: "Let there be light"; and there was light...










A sound Soul...

Dwells within a sound mind...

And a sound body...

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Transporter says...

Stephanie :D

Oh, yes... I'm sorry, but I'm very very busy with exams, so my replies will oftenly be so late q.q

But I'm fine, thanks c: What about you?

Sep 13, 2016
Transporter says...

Stephanie c: It really is c:

I'm sorry, but studies are taking almost all my time :c

And I'm fine, thanks for asking! What about you? How have you been? Also, I never notice, but do you play Elsword? :P

Sep 5, 2016
Transporter says...

Heeeeey, Stephanieee! :D

How are you? c:

Sep 1, 2016
Transporter says...

Hehe, yeah... I don't always contact you because I know you're pretty busy with school and other things, so I don't want to bother ^^

It's not true. You're a very friendly and nice person, don't think that! :)

Really? You like it? c: ... it's from a game I'm playing in these days (Mass Effect)

You know a thing? ... don't laugh, but (and don't laugh!) I've heard a lot of times about the thanksgiving day, but since we have not these "holiday" here, I really don't know what it is xD

Really? I'm a cookie lover! ❤ ... I absolutely have to taste yours!!

Nov 27, 2015
Transporter says...

You're welcome ^^ (and don't worry, take the time you need to reply xD)

Hehe, obviously.

I'm okay, thanks for asking. How about you?

Nov 27, 2015