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Rosario to Vampire

Jan 5, 2014

Story: 7/10

Rosario + Vampire is about a boy named Tsukune Aono who fails to get into to highschool and he is sent to another school called Youkai Academy which happens to be run by monsters. He meets a vampire called Moka Akashiya who becomes his friend, saves him from EVERY monster he meets and loves to suck his blood. Later on you meet other girls who fall in love with him.

Animation: 5.9/10

The animation looks beautiful, the fight scene look great but a lot of points need to be taken off for the pantyshots EVERY 2 MINUTES It's all the time! other than that it all looks pretty good. But Mizore's ice hair can make up for that IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! 

Sound: 5/10

There really isn't much to say on it. Some of the songs are pretty cute, voises are ok and all (a lot of them a great voise actors)

Characters: 4.1/10

The characters are a little flat and often only do anything for the sake of the all mighty Tsukune. They also get a bit selfish at times but can also be crazy funny about it all. The best character to show this example is Mizore Shirayuki. She is really shy and is Tsukune's number 1 stalker and is sometimes kinda hard to hear. She had a really creat character introdution in the anime but seems to fall back after Tsukune helps her and she falls for him. Long sotry short the characters become quite bland after becoming his friend.

Overall: 8.5/10

It isn't a completly horrible anime and can be worth the watch if you over look it's flaws, sometimes it gets really funny/dramatic. It has some very touching storylines and it's character designs can blow you away! 

Tuniki little note!: I couldn't take Tsukune very seroiusly for a lot of the anime since his english voice actor also voices Watanuki from xxxHolic. So everytime they tried to be serious i couldn't stop picturing Watanuki XD

7/10 story
5.9/10 animation
5/10 sound
4.1/10 characters
4.4/10 overall

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Epimondas May 3, 2015

True the over emphasis on ecchi type things gave me the sense that maybe that pervert werewolf was actually directing the show.