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Summer anime watching

18 JUL

Lately I have been trying to watch as much anime as I can during the summer since I have free time after work. I feel impressed with myself, having watched about 10 shows in the last two months. (Granted a few of them where shorter shows, around 12-13 episodes)
I have watched Cowboy Bebop, Kampfer, Aria the Scarlet Ammo, Btooom!, Senyuu., Trigun, Grenaider, Baka and Test, and I just finished Gargantia on the Verduous Planet last night.
I actually feel I've had a good balance of things to watch in the last few months. I've also been alternating between a serious show and a more light hearted show.
I have a long list of other shows to watch too.....wow ill never get done.
Anyone else have seen these? (which should be pretty obvious for some like Bebop and Trigun)
I have to hand it to Gargantia to not being a typical anime ether and not following a linear pattern and didn't have a obvious main villain....and making me feel for the guy's AI Mech.....A AI MECH! *blocking spoilers*
Anyway....Onto more anime!


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