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No Game No Life

Aug 6, 2014

 Have you ever felt like you were born in the wrong world? That is how siblings Sora and Shiro felt. There very unique gaming skills made them undefeatable in the virtual world, but in a world that requires social ineraction, they were failers. One day a mysterious gamer challenges the dynamic duo to a game of chess. After a hard  fought victory the mysteroius gamer who also happens to be a god, introduces them to a new world. One in which everything is decided by games.

This anime is so uniquely entertaining. The story is incredibly unpredictable and even so intellectual at parts that it was at times hard to follow. With every game there is a new set of rules, most of which are very complex, but despite the complexity, the dynamic sibling duo always finds a loophole that leaves their opponent in awe of their amazing minds. There are many developments in the plot and several twists that you will never see coming. The plot is so well thought out and intricate. It really was the most impressive component of the show. I think what made the story so unique is that they aren't trying to leave the new world, but instead they desire to conquer it.

The animiation and music worked very well for the techy/fantasy style. There was nothing particularly marvelous about either of these aspects, but they worked. The music had mostly a techno kind of sound, which was appropriate, but for the most part it went unnoticed and was not the a big factor in my overall score.

I do have a few small critiques concerning characters and developement. I find this component to be very important and if you're like me, then you like to see alot of character developement (like so much that you feel like you know them personally). There was some developement in the main characters but almost none in all side characters and the main characters aren't really the hero type that you like to cheer for. They're more like the really perverted but really intelligent type that you don't really like but you have to admit that they are amazingly talented at what they do.

This anime was also a little too much ecchiness for me, but honestly the story and unpredictability kept me watching. I gave this anime a 8/10, it's a pretty good watch.

10/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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