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<-------------------------Moving on to my profile now below!!---------------------------->


       I wouldn't say that I am a die-hard always first in line, Anime kind of person. But i do hold a deep passion for Anime. I find it enormously wonderful to watch so many kinds of Anime without limitation. If I had to say I pretty much like all kinds of Anime theres not really, a kind of Anime that I partically hate so much. I do have plenty I dislike yes, but I have even more that I love!

I'm usually online pretty much everyday since I'm such a fanatic so feel free to talk to me to message me or even just say hi! I love the community here and would love to be friends with anyone who wishes to be one! Have a good recommendation? THEN TELL ME! I'm all ears my friends :) <333333

Right now my two grand Anime goals are to watch over 1,000 different Animes in any form or fashion to the end. and finally my all-time most important Anime goal is also part of my bucket list. To spend an entire year of my life as a human watching Anime. That includes rewatches and new ones. I'll do this everyday though not just because I want to reach that goal but also because of my great passion for Anime.

       More about my gamer life I am a former MLG player (retired haha!) I've played a lot of Halo Call of duty and Modern Warefare. I started my career in Halo 3 when a MLG team joined a lobby and I carried my team to victory against them using a sniper, thats when I was first invited to MLG. Of course the first game I played on the team ended in a loss but we won many many games though after that. I allowed myself to go as far as I could but eventually real life events and such made it very hard for me to participate in all of our tournaments and eventually once newer games after Halo 3 came out a few years later I eventually gave up MLG all together. I was one of the best snipers in our entire group as 30% of my overall kills were sniper based. Although I am Overall very conpetitive I do play to have fun and I have my own little group of friends that I play with on a daily basis for fun and what not. Curious about my Halo 3 stats and other things? Heres a link towards my profile showing my matches. Click Here! I miss those old days of Halo 3 and MW2. Oh well on with my profile!


I'am now Including little sections of my bio stating some good animes i've watched that have dramatically effected my life in some way.



My All Time favorite Anime is Clannad, as shocking as it may seem. I've only cried a few times that I can remember in my life, and most of those times happened while I watched Clannad. At the time I was fairly new to Anime, and have only of heard of those big brand name titles. (At the time it was Naruto and Bleach, wonder if it still is?). I was told by a friend to try to watch Clannad, he said that it was really amazing. I shrugged it off saying I would watch it but wasn't expecting anything too much. When I watched it I was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY by the incredible nature of the series.


Clannad Combo



The drama kept me on the edge of my seat. Clannad was THE FIRST ANIME THAT I CRIED TO! I cried several times and was completely absorbed in the series. After it was finally all done, I felt like a different person, lighthearted, joyful, and felt like I had just reached a enormous point in my life. From that day on I have continued to watch Anime and will continue doing so for a very long time.

<-------------------------Moving on to MIDORI DAYS!!------------------------------------->


Midori days 1

Truely a remarkable story, a true inspiration of a classic Anime. This is the Anime that started it all for me and I will never forget it as its one my most favorites. Midori Days is the first Anime that I have ever watched completely through and through, and unlike other Anime's at its time, this one was ACTUALLY GOOD! A young boy wakes up to find that his right hand has been replaced with the body of a young girl, who happens to be madly in love with him. Although the feeling isn't mutual and now they must learn to live a life together while trying not to expose their secret to anyone else along the way they grow closer together and their feelings eventually reach each other as they discover what true love really means. Full of Action, Comedy, Romance, and other things...... *wink* this Anime is literally something that anyone can enjoy.


<-----------------------------------ANGEL BEATS!-------------------------------->

Angel Beats Title

I bet you didn't know that the same people who made my favorite anime Clannad are also the same people who made Angel Beats! Yes of course I didn't see the whole part of not being able to die and the characters constantly getting killed. The Characters themselfs though are amazing! I love their personallities and the way they perceve the world and its going ons! (More like a cruel comedic side).

but what hit me the most was the ending....... NO SPOILERS HERE! I will say though that I stayed up to almost 1 on a school night finishing the heartstopping last episode. Just like Clannad, it will throw your heart around very strongly the feeling that you get from emerssing yourself as the main characters KYAAA!!!!!! *cough* excuse me. Like I said earlier if you loved clannad you will love Angel Beats! Just as much, if not even more!

The Music from this Anime is also extremely HIGH QUALITY for an Anime who's main storyline doesn't mainly involve music and this band is at the heart of it all.

Thats all for now? Maybe! HAHA! Closing statements below.....

Nothing gets my evil blood boiling like this video right here...

<------------------------------WARNING DOES CONTAIN LANGUAGE DON'T WATCH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!! (not my fault if you do..)--------------------->

<--------------------***Anime Ratings***-------------------->

PLEASE NOTE!!! These ratings are completely on how I personally felt towards the Anime and sometimes the ratings are from a Critic's standpoint "extremely wrong" These ratings are not meant to be critical reviews they are just symbols of how "I personally felt about the Anime" My written "reviews" however are as critical as I can get them so if you want to see my view on an Anime from a good reviewers standpoint look there if I don't have one on it feel free to ask and I'll try my best to review it. Once again RATINGS ARE NOT REVIEWS! (At least not on my profile).

*Ahem* As we all know since the beginning of time (being when the first Anime was aired for the first time). We have come to an understanding that in order to help our compainions find the Animes which are non-crappy and non-failedstorylineandcharacterdevelopment. We have created the "Rating System" which helps us show which Anime's are popular and well adored and which ones are isolated and tbagged constantly by other anime's. Over time these systems have gotten better and more expansive, and at this time I would like to announce MY Rating system, (From me to you!) for all of you which to enjoy and learn from. -Cheers!-

5 Stars (Rare) - OH MY GOD! Can such a thing happen? Can an Anime be so freaken amazing that it literally causes my VERY LIFE TO CHANGE?? Yes its true! Any Anime that I rate with this is something that you HAVE TO SEE! No Doubtly these are some of THE BEST Animes that you will ever watch check it out!

4.5 Stars (Common) - Aw snap, these are extremely good material that will definately make you wana sing "Thank God for Anime!" all the time as you watch them. While they may not be "the best" they are really far better "than the rest" Any Anime that I give this rating is a definate WINNER and is a respectable, good-plot, truely awesome and nice Anime that you should watch. These are the guys that were really good, but just not enough to make a serious impact on my life.

4 Stars (MOST Common) - Here they come, while they may be the most common ones out of the bunch, don't mistake them for just your average Anime. Anything in this sense had something or someone stand out to the point of making it a truely awesome Anime to watch! That or the story line/Character Development was really good. I give most decent and good Anime's this kind of title, and I can say that they are worth the time to try to watch them!

3.5 Stars (Common) - Ohh..... Didn't quite make it buddy, you put a lot of effort into your world but didn't quite make it. These Anime's are not really bad, but they are not really good in anyway. You could say this is dopey "Mr. Average" with no exceptional plot-line or story. They characters were probably a tad bit dull and lacked development. Still, I think that most of these Anime's are ones worth watching.

3 Stars (Rare) - Hmm... Nothing to see here folks just "Mr Below Average" Strolling through the park. I don't know how much effort went into these but they just were a bit.... Not good. Most of these are "bad" but not like REALLY bad.... just bad... Even more than the last one, I recommend that you think twice about watching this Anime, could leave you in a bad mood! :(

2.5 Stars (Very Rare) - Ok now we getting pretty low here see? These are NOT GOOD Animes that usually leave you with an upset stomach and a bad headache. Not recommended for watching, as a matter of fact DON'T WATCH IT! these are poor Anime's Lacking quality and everything else a good Anime needs and wants. Sort of like a sick puppy with rabbies.

2 Stars (Rare) - EW! Oh my god what is that thing! Are you sure this is an Anime? I think we are starting to push the limits here. Aside from the grossly freaked out plot and story, I don't think those guys can actually be classified as characters. Heck like we even learn anything about them within the Anime itself. Don't watch these bottom line you will regret it.

1.5 Stars (Very Rare) - WHAT THE HELL! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING ME!! This deformed ugly son of a bad Anime is one of THE WORST you can possibly find. A story thats nothing more than the snot filled tissue that you threw away a few minutes ago. You watch this and think "Well, that was an enormous waste of my life and valuable time now I have Cancer." (I only Keed the Cancer people!) and you find yourself falling further and further down the pithole of dispair and sorrow. You have to be a true warrior or a complete idiot to watch this kind of Anime.

1 Star (MOST Rare) - *hangs self* Do I really have to say it? Ok.... I will, think of this as 2girls1cup Disgusting and completely Destructive of any features which give it it's *Anime* Genre. Rather than loosing your sanity on this one, I feel like you might just wana kill yourself instead. Lets not do that ok? So don't watch these Animes please!

0.5 Stars (Very Rare) - You've reached it, a pit of undieing cruelity that would undoubtly cause any and every man who treads the path to weep in tears. Hell can't even compare to the burning sensation you feel while your brains melt from the awfully put together Junk story-line that compels all humans to wage wars and kill small puppies and babies. This IS THE WORST OF THE WORST, truely no pit of hell could even compare. I will straight out say this, DO NOT WATCH THIS YOU WILL SUFFER UNECESSARY LOSSES TO YOUR TIME AND YOUR LIFE, NOT TO MENTION YOUR SANITY!

(Note that these are all just my OPINIONS they are not in anyway completely true. However this is my profile thus, by being here you wana know more about me thus wanting to know more about my views on certain Anime. So there you have it!)

That is all for the "Rating System" Enjoy the last portion of this extremely long profile! <3

My most famous quotes in life.

 1.    "..."

 2.    "There is no such thing as luck, just skill and good timing."

 3.    "Hard work and effort will always overcome natural talent and skill."

 4.    "If you act smart people will expect great things of you and will put all the heavy responsibilities and duties on you. If you act dumb however people will not expect much out of you and will be very hesitant to make you do things for them. I act dumb so I don't have to do many things, but secretly I'm incredibly smart. Oh yeah don't mention that to anyone."

 5.    "If its a choice between burning you crispy or not I WANT IT EXTRA CRISPY!!!"

 6.    "Never argue with an idiot, because they will drag you down to their level and beat              you with experience."

 7.    "Life logic!"

 8.    "Game logic!"


 10.   "I do what I do best, which is doing nothing most of the time."

*THE TRIPLE H RULE!* (that I made)

Honesty - Learn to be true to others and yourself.

Humility - Learn to know that bragging is not a way to exhibit one's strengths.

Honor - Learn to understand the feelings and intentions of other people and respect them for their way of life and how they choose to live it. 

Together they create one of the Greatest Animes of all time.

Thank-You very much for reading this.

<--------------------------------------ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!---------------------------------->

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HarioSagara says...

Hey Angel of Death! Sorry for taking awhile to respond, I don't check my anime-planet account very often these days. 

I see what you mean about Roricon not seeing the anime through to the end before making assumptions and judgements. A lot of his reviews aren't really reviews at all, but more like hate filled rants, lol. He's been making these kinds of reviews for a long time and I've gotten used to not reading too much into them.

As far as The Irregular at Magic High School goes, there were some cool parts to that anime in spite of Tatsuya being so overpowered. Mainly I think some of the side characters were great like Erika Chiba and Leonhart Saijo and I wish the anime had developed them a bit more.

One of the things I feel makes an anime character overpowered is how powerful he is in relation to everyone else in the anime. That's why some anime with really strong characters are not too overpowered because there are other powerful characters in the show to compare them with. The only character Tatsuya is really compared against is the prince Ichijou. Other than that he defeats every other opponent with minimal effort which makes all his fights seem really lackluster since you already know he's going to win with no problem. Personally I prefer a main character who has a hard time winning his fights but puts in a lot of effort to get stronger like Kenichi Shirahama from History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi (great show I'd recommend if you haven't seen it yet).

Btw, I really like your profile and your taste in anime. I'm a really big fan of Angel Beats, Clannad and the rest of the anime on your page. I haven't seen Midori Days yet, but I'm definitely going to check it out. If you're looking for a great comedy anime I'd highly recommend Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu. You can watch Full Metal Panic! first for the main storyline if you want, it's a really good action/ comedy with some romance and slice of life aspects to it.

Mar 18, 2015
YuukoYami says...

Her name is Ajimu Najimi from Medaka Box

You should watch it, its really great! season 1 is good but season 2(abnormal) is much better! And i recommend reading the Manga too ik its 192 chaps but YOU CAN DO EET cuz the arcs there is just....TOO AWESOME! + Anshin'in-san(Najimi) appears more often there :D

Feb 24, 2015
ImSylar says...

Character: Kumagawa Misogi

Anime: Medaka Box

Feb 21, 2015
tsumiki says...

No it's okay, no need to apologise, but to be honest I can't really remember what I said to you sorry >.<

I think I remember the stuff about Angel Beats and Clannad (wooo)

Thank you for saying you like my profile, it took sooooo long so after I saved it I didn't want to change it but I feel like it's gonna annoy everyone including me so I'm gonna change it again soon XD

Ohhhh that's right, I remember the comment I left now :DOh my gosh! I get that feeling, it's like when I showed my friend Ouran High School Host Club, she laughed and watched it in 2 days even though she says she hates anime and that made me feel so proud and happy hahaha

Feb 20, 2015
tsumiki says...

Hi hi ^_^

I just read your bio and you seem really nice :D

I feel the same way about Clannad and Angel Beats as you, they were the first shows I watched (but now I'm really cautious and think that all funny and happy shows will end in saddness xD)

I'm not as strict with my rating system as you but it's actually really smart of you to rate so seriously so people can come to you for recommendations!

That's about all I can think of to say xD

Jan 1, 2015