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I'm a personal fan of "Person in a strange world" based Anime's and I've always wanted to see one that included a person from a semi "Futuristic world" with great technology that somehow gets thrown into a situation were such technology doesn't exist. This anime fills this nearly perfectly. I remember watching the first episode and thinking wow the colors of the Animation are specacular! and I couldn't help but become interested in the main character.

Now what REALLY GOT ME was in the first episode when he made contact with the other different humans it wasn't a "Somehow we speak the exact same language even though our races live in completely different eras" It was made in a way so he had absolutely no way of knowing what they were saying. As such he was completely dependant on his robotic translator for figuring out what they were saying but even he needs lots of time to determine how to speak their language as well. Love that realism. 

Overall the Animation and storyline almost imediately set this one in stone for me as a great anime and I was always waiting excitingly for the next episode to come out. Of course all the other aspects in the Anime such as: Sound, Characters, and whatnot were still all great to me. Just nothing significant that stands out enough for me to write about here.

Overall I recommend this Anime to pretty much anyone out there, go check it out!

9/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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