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sunshinechild67 says...

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. The only thing I had watched of the Lupin III franchise before was the Castle of Cagliostro, which is also great, though it's tone is the POLAR OPPOSITE of the Woman Called Fujiko Mine (being directed by Miyazaki and all.) Still very much worth a watch, I think. I haven't really kept up with many newer anime honestly, I prefer to watch stuff after it's been completed and I have way too many older "classics" I'm trying to finish to even attempt something newer. I tried keeping up with the second season of Free, but eventually I stopped and I still need to finish it. I actually have Durarara on my Want to Watch list and it's been perpetually sitting on my Crunchyroll queue since like 2012, but I just haven't gotten around to watching it yet. I imagine I would like it since it does share the same author as Baccano and apparently many of the same stylistic themes/concepts/etc., but one of the things that drew me to Baccano was its setting (I love historical settings obviously, being a history major and all) and plot, which is kind of similar to Pulp Fiction, but Durarara doesn't have these so I wasn't nearly as intrigued by it as by Baccano; though I'm definitely going to give a try someday, and it seems like something I would enjoy.

Nov 30, 2014
sunshinechild67 says...

Wow, now I need to see this series just for the ending, especially if it's as out-of-context as Evangelion's (which is a pretty impressive feat.) I personally loved the Woman Called Fujiko Mine, and I felt like they used the episodic format very well (similarly to Cowboy Bebop.) The art style and music I liked as well - they were unique and it's just nice to see anime that goes for something entirely new and different rather than using the same kind of moe art style that's so common now. I didn't do any candy trading this year but I had enough to sustain me for a few days afterwards, haha. Since Halloween I've just been busy with school, having to think about final papers and projects and whatnot, and I recently had to register for classes next year. I haven't been watching as much anime lately, I keep planning to finish Free or Zeta Gundam, or finally get around to watching the 2nd Cardcaptor Sakura movie or Macross Do You Remember Love, but I always get distracted by something else online (during October I started reading the nosleep subReddit and I'm on there practically all the time now, or watching Let's Plays on Youtube.)

Nov 15, 2014
sunshinechild67 says...

I love Games of Thrones, it's an excellent show, and if you liked Berserk I think it may be up your alley. I've been wanting to watch Berserk too, just haven't gotten around to it yet. I've been trying to get through some more Gundam series actually. Higurashi I felt was overrated - the animation is awful and it never scared me or was really that mindscrewy, though it had some high points. It was more violent than anything, which doesn't really scare me, especially in animation.

Wow, 5 APs? The most I took was 3, I knew I could never handle the workload of more (I'm incredibly lazy and I didn't have the strength to make it through an AP science or math class, since I'm awful at those subjects.) The first half of senior year is always annoyingly busy, but after that it becomes a lot easier. My second semester I didn't even have a sixth period class. Once you get all of that college stuff out of the way, it's just graduation stuff and AP testing.

My Halloween went pretty well, my friends and I were out for a few hours and we got a pretty good amount of candy. We went to a really busy area with lots of decorations and haunted houses, which was nice because we didn't need to worry about flashlights or getting lost but at the same time we couldn't go to every house because of crowding. Still fun, though.

Nov 1, 2014
sunshinechild67 says...

Oh god, I'm really sorry I haven't replied in so long! I thought I had sent you a reply a little while ago but it must not have gone through. I've been catching up on some non-anime tv for once, ha (mostly Mad Men and Game of Thrones) but about a month ago I watched the Lupin III series the Woman Called Fujiko Mine, which I really loved, and it's got a similar vibe and soundtrack as Cowboy Bebop (actually Shinichiro Watanabe did the music direction for it!) It's definitely a new favorite for me. Since it's October I've been watching some horror anime, Higurashi and Another, though I can't really say either are favorites.

How have you been? What kind of anime have you been watching? Do you have any plans for Halloween? I haven't done anything since 2009 but this year my friends and I have planned to dress up and everything.

Oct 26, 2014
funnyfishman says...

Words cannot describe the struggle. lol

Oct 18, 2014