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I'm Tez.

I started watching Anime around the middle of 2008 and the Anime that got me truly hooked was Bleach. After that I joined this site and have been watching anime ever since.

One of my favourite things to do when I'm not watching Anime is play video games. The first console I ever played was the Sega Mega Drive and since then I have been buying many different consoles and games.  

My favourite games include: Persona 3/4, Timesplitters 2, Final Fantasy X, Super Mario Kart, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dragon Quest V, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger

Music is another one of my interests and I listen to quite a bit of it. I mainly listen to Melodic Death Metal but I also enjoy some Rock, Metalcore and Heavy Metal sometimes.

"El Psy Congroo"


My Top 10 Awesome Anime List:

  1. Clannad/After Story
  2. Steins;Gate
  3. Kimi ni Todoke/2nd Season
  4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  5. Black Lagoon/The Second Barrage
  6. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex/2nd Gig
  7. Monster
  8. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  9. Baccano!
  10. Hajime no Ippo


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Tez says...

Yea Gurren Lagann is a really great show and im glad youre started to like it cuz its a real top show

Im really careful not to find spoilers and so far i have avoided them so yay me lol

I think sometimes first episodes can be bad but that doesnt mean the rest will be bad and thats why i like to watch more than 1 episode cuz the first ep doesnt really represent want the series will be like

Dec 6, 2008
samshadow999 says...

Yeah your right man, totally

Gurren Lagann has me gobsmacked now, it just finally went epic, fuckin hell.......

I was gunna give up on both Shana and Gurren Lagann, but i cant now Gurren Lagann got so good, and hopefully Shana will too, well i dont expect it to come close to Gurren Lagann atm, but maybe it'll just get better =]

Researching the series always helps, more than just reading the descriptions i guess, aslong as you dont get into spoilers and stuff

Funny thing is i had the spoiler about Kamina being dead, and now i seen it, it's still shocking, it's great that i can still be shocked like that =D

There's too much good anime out there, it just proves some good animes do sometimes take time to be as great as they are, sometimes we just shrug them off on the first episode *cough* Me with Clannad *cough*, sometimes thier great from the beggining and we never realise it, it really proves we need to really open our eyes with some of it, i mean you should be able to tell shit between decent stuff, even if you dont agree with the anime in the first place, if you get me =]

Dec 6, 2008
Tez says...

Well the best way to judge something is watch it so you might aswell give it a go.

yea Kugimiya definitely does a good job in the role and its not a shaky series but its nothing to rave about

i think ill probably finish it anyways lol

I thought youd gave up watching them 2 shows lol

also i picked quite a few series to watch atm after i did some researching lol

Dec 6, 2008
samshadow999 says...

Ahwell i ent seen much of it, but Kugimiya as usual delivers a great voice act i think, even if the series atm is shaky, not the best i've seen, but i ent seen as far as you yet so i cant say much

Lol and i know how you feel, i cba to do my list atm, altho i edited my top 15 anime characters list today cuz i was abit bored =]

Atm i'm jst going back to animes i haven't continued with yet, so i picked back up on Gurren Lagann, so far so good =] i also watched Shana episode 4 and it got abit better, enough to warrant another episode tommorow or summat

And yh gunna start Paranoia agent inabit, cuz Sothis gave it lyk a 9.5/10, so altho i wasn't rlly interested in it, i am currious enough to watch it abit and make up my own mind

Dec 6, 2008
Tez says...

for me Akane-iro ni somaru saka is ok but im continuing to watch cuz they are signs it cud get better and yes Kugimiya voices the main girl

Im gonna change my top 20 one of these days but cba to do it atm lol

Ill wait abit after ive seen after story but ill get around to it

Dec 6, 2008