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about me

I'm Tez and I am at college studying to be an IT technician.

I started watching Anime around the middle of 2008 and the Anime that got me truly hooked was Bleach. After that I joined this site and have been watching anime ever since.

One of my favourite things to do when I'm not watching Anime is play video games. The first console I ever played was the Sega Mega Drive and since then I have been buying many different consoles and games.  

My favourite games include: Persona 4, Timesplitters 2, Final Fantasy X, Super Mario Kart and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Music is another one of my interests and I listen to quite a bit of it. I mainly listen to Melodic Death Metal but I also enjoy some Rock, Metalcore and Heavy Metal sometimes.

"El Psy Congroo"


My Top 10 Awesome Anime List:

  1. Clannad/After Story
  2. Steins;Gate
  3. Kimi ni Todoke/2nd Season
  4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  5. Black Lagoon/The Second Barrage
  6. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex/2nd Gig
  7. Monster
  8. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  9. Baccano!
  10. Hajime no Ippo


my life spent on anime

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In the darkness that never ends

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July 12, 2008

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samshadow999 avatar samshadow999

Cool Top 5 Anime!

Aug 14, 2012

Hahaha, sounds like you've had it rough (i laugh at your expense though lol), i imagine Daisy was a fair bit of trouble.

You still keeping my Gundam game safe man? :P Almost forgot i left it with ya.

Cool Friday sounds good, i'll pop over about 12 and will keep you updated if anything comes up, i'm looking forward to the new walk to be fair. You got your Wii yet? If not lemme know when you wanna go up and get it cuz i can sort you some discount dude.

Either way i'll catch you Friday. 

samshadow999 avatar samshadow999

Tell Me About Yourself!

Aug 14, 2012

Haha, finally, oh right how so? Smaller house?

Lemme know when your free, i've got thursday and friday free man, we'll chill. Been working 6 days straight and am shattered, going gym thursday and friday morning but that'll be dead early so deffo free both days.

Glad all is ok now anyways man, hope the family is good. 

samshadow999 avatar samshadow999

Great Profile!

Aug 3, 2012

Ok man, good luck with it all, i'm not free till after Monday but if your mom needs any help with moving/setting up let her know i can if she needs it.

Just set up googlemaps so i know how to walk to yours, its say your around the same walking distance as you were, it's about a 25 min walk but i think it'll be much quicker.

Let me know when your free when your next online and i'll try to see you afterwards.

samshadow999 avatar samshadow999

Cool Top 5 Anime!

Jul 31, 2012

Hey man, know it's late but i got 2moz free, was gunna reserve it to get my hair cut but i can't be arsed, want me to pop over?

samshadow999 avatar samshadow999

Great Anime List!

Jul 28, 2012

I just massively preffer Gundam 3, it's still missing a lot of Gundams and Mech's but it's a pretty huge roster. I haven't been able to stop playing it but luckily there's 4 story scenario's so i can still play lots with you, i honestly am doubting continuing with Gundam 2 now, 3 beats it's soundly.

Btw only days i got free this week are tuesday and wednesday, i'm busy with a mate tuesday and i'm unsure on wednesday, if i find i'm free i'll let you know? But if not i may not be able to do anything this week, if so look after Gundam 2 and my magazine for me ;) 

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