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My good friend Diz-vii went to an Anime Convention this year, Eirtakon in Dublin. I did not join him, as, though i do love anime, i felt uninspired to watch the same old Highschool drama's i've been seeing for the past few years. Well, after seeing the video's he brought home i saw how much fun they had and how awesome the people were. So, I asked another friend of mine, Zepwich, about what Anime's i should watch. The first one she said was Code Geass.

I want a cape....

Code Geass takes place in an alternate reality in which the Britanian empire have taken over Japan and renamed it Area 11. Wait, that reminds me of something.... The Japanese people are thuds referred to as 'Elevens' and the Britanian empire rule them. It focuses on 2 main characters, one more so than the other. Lelouch is a young Britanian who is actually a britanian prince who relinquished his claim to the throne. He lives in Area 11 with his younger sister Nunally who is blind and crippled as a result of trauma induced from witnessing the death of her mother, Lady Marianne. Lelouch, tired of seeing the weak ruled and abused by the strong, decides to begin a rebellion in the hopes of crushing the Britanian empire to create a world in which Nunally can be happy. He also wishes to find the truth about who killed his mother.

I love the Internet...

Except there's a twist. Lelouch has a supernatural power called Geass, which allows the user to command anyone to do there bidding. Just some pointless knowledge, Geass is based of a druid myth that originated from Ireland. Anyway, this helps Lelouch to get people to do what he wants. This includes ordering people to murder others or even kill themselves.

Because birds make you do stuff........wait, what?

Lelouch also happens to be a freaking Genius. Many people compare Lelouch to Light Yagami from Death Note, and you can definitely see why. Both have a similar intellect, though Light  seems to be more phased by emotions than Lelouch, who at some times feigns heartlessness. Also, while people will be forever divided on wether or not to like L or Light in Death Note, Lelouch instantly comes off as a good guy for the most part. This makes him a lot more likable, especially when it comes to Nunally.

Lelouch when he found out about this review...

Oh, almost forgot, this technically classifies as Mecha, a genre which i have very little patience for. But it's either watered down a lot or disguised by tactics to the point where i didn't even notice the knightmare frames. If you are into animes like Gundam and the like, you may find Season 2 more to your interests.

Yeah, sure, go nuts kid...

I will admit, i am a massive fan of Death Note. So, was i going to like this Anime? Oh hell yes. You see, im a big fan of Story, Plot, and Charachters, and i just haven't found enough Anime's that satisfy these needs. Code Geass has a twist at the end of every episode and i was hungrier than a gramer at a halo launch event. The writing is fantastic. At one particular point i felt that i had reached the pinnacle of fucked-uppery in terms of a culmination of story elements (For Code Geass Fans, It's THAT Euphemia scene).

Awww, Isn't she adorable?? :)

Code Geass also has a lot of characters. Pretty much every Anime character archetype is here, including your fanservice characters. Oh god the fanservice... Eh, it could be worse. Code Geass only limit's itself to 2 shower scenes..... Last time i checked. Anyway, your common characters like Millie, Ohgi and Mau can be seen everywhere in Anime, while some special cases like Kalen stand out for their surprising roles and actions.

Except you, you can die...

What's very necessary to point out is the Anime's Music. The Soundtrack is fantastic, and makes use of a full orchestra, with the occasional Choir. You just don't see quality like this in most Anime's and it's really nice to see. Also the Opening and Closing Scenes are pretty awesome. My favourite has to be the 3rd Opening, which ironically was only used for 2 episodes. Oh well, the 5th opening was pretty good too.

The Animation is also quite good too. If you watch this in high quality you will get a true insight into the quality of the animation, wether it be colourful, detailed or that special kind where you don't know why, but it just works...

Pic unrelated...

My only complaint isn't really a complaint. Some of the storylines were really heartbreaking and really made me feel bad afterwards. So, if you're suceptible to your emotions, i suggest giving this one a miss. This is not an average ''Full on Action'' anime, it actually takes the time to progress the charachters.

Overall, if you liked Death Note, and are dissapointed that there aren't any similar Anime's around, definetly give this a try. Once you reach the second episode, you'll recieve all you were ever looking for with Code Geass. One of my favourite Anime's at the moment. A true Gem.


Again, massive props to g1 Zepwich for recommending this Anime.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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