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One Piece

I'll start by saying One Piece is a great anime. The trademark of grateness is to immerse the watcher and keep him interested in the story, and by those lines it stood tall for over 12 years, and i hope we will still watch it in 12 to come.

I started watching One Piece with friends, while eating or drinking, as a brief pause between video games. The story already had 500 episodes when i was watching my first, but i had "a foot out the door" for the first 50 episodes. If it wouldn't interest me enough, i would drop it.

Dragonball, Bleach and Naruto were my first experiences of long anime series, and i know all of them have lost something on the way.

On the other hand i had my newly started One Piece. Great, Naruto with a straw hat, a part of me tought. A story about a scrawny individual that doesn't take anithing serious, doesn't know very much in general, but knows that he wants to accomplish his dream: to become Pirate King. "Straw-hat" Luffy, or how most of the antagonists adress him, Mugiwara.

First 50 or so episodes, you think the world in One Piece is Disneyland. Luffy is an individual that provides a lot of comedic relief, and the bad-guys themselfs can't be taken seriously: a pirate clown named "Buggy" and an old hag that beats everyone in her crew if they don't tell her she is beautifull. Both of them are considered dangerous, but get beaten easily by Luffy.

But then things get put into perspective, the world of One Piece has a lot of real sorrow and pain, pain that unlike other animes, that i have watched, One Piece puts into perspective and makes you feel the hardship. So you want the situation to get better, all the more so.

It makes you appreciate how One Piece still is a funny anime, with an eccentric crew, a world that you shouldn't think how it works but enjoy it like a good "fairy tail", an anime that makes you laugh and it makes you drop a tear, because after all, we're only human.

Another strong point One Piece has over Bleach or Naruto is that in about 500 episodes it had about 5-6 filler episodes, and only a couple of flashback ones, which by now, can already be skipped, althoug i would highly recommend you watching the fillers, i found them funny.

One Piece does have its flaws, but nothing gets in front of the trully beautfull story that it tells.

The biggest problem in my oppinion is what i like to call the "Dragonball syndrome". That happens when a fight is drawn out, more than it should be. For example the main character listening to a lot of bullshit from the bad guy before atacking, or another example, when someone gets hurt, you see 4 frames of scarred facial expresions before the hurt person falls to the ground. One Piece doesn't draw out all the fights, and when it does, it isn't as much as Dragonball, but i still felt it.

The animation isn't as compeling as that of Naruto or Bleach. One Piece has some really satisfying fights, mainly because you really want some characters in it to get their ass kicked, but also because of the premise of "devil fruits", each holding a different power, it is really interesting to see how the consumers of those fruits bend and adapt that power to create interesting and original fight tactics, similarly to how ninjutsu users in Naruto combine different techniques to create interesting fights or to a more limited degree, how Ichigo from Bleach uses getsuga tenshou in different ways and patterns.

And while it's still interesting for me to see Zoro, one of the main protagonists, and a crew member of Luffy, use Onigiri and appear behind his slashed opponent, the sword fighting in Bleach seems more crisp.

As an ending note, i hope you all enjoy watching One Piece, and i hope the "Marimo" doesn't get to mad about mentioning his sword style. Happy watching everyone.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall
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