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Nicknames says...

Welcome to anime-Planet ^^

PS: I added you as a friend, I hope you don't mind =D

Apr 29, 2011
Carnificus says...

Yeah I think I get what you're saying there, like how Clannad is happy but it's sad at the same time?

Apr 28, 2011
Carnificus says...

Meh, I dunno, I thought he was incredibly powerful, but he got one-shotted by Chrono, in the most disappointing fight ever lol. So I dunno, I guess I can see how someone would like it, but it's not for me. The bad guy winning just doesn't seem right, I'm definitely a fan of happy endings lol.

Apr 28, 2011
Minai99 says...

Hehe. Welcome to anime-planet, Tentoumushi! :)

Apr 28, 2011
Carnificus says...

Yeah, most of that dragonball was watched over the course of several years growing up lol. And I didn't like Chrono's ending, but to clarify I liked up to the part where the two of them are found sitting together. The whole priest becoming a miserable hobo and Aion randomly being back was horrible imo.

Apr 28, 2011