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I was born..  i ate.. i took a **** . i ate again.. and so on...  then i went to school.. i graduated.. then i went to next one..  i dropped out because it sucked...   now im just chilling..  so.. no denmark for me anymore xDD

anyhow..  now im waiting for my new CPU to arrive so i can put together my new PC so i can watch 720p :D

Yay 4 me!!!

oh and forgot to add prev:   I <3 Yaoi! :3

P.s As my brain has too much info in it.. or maybe too less of it. i can't seem to remember aprox 60% of anime i have watched sence year unknown.. anyway first anime i watched was MAI Hime..  it was sooo god damn good..!!!! and that is how i became what i am today..  a human O_o

if you like MANGE-style games

here is link to EU free games

P.s i suggest DRAGONICA ( tis side scroll Combo-attack based mmo) pretty fun ^^


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FlameBaby Aug 4, 2010


can u send me link for song download? cant find it anywhere

FlameBaby Aug 4, 2010

im stopping making amv's for a while.

im watching new anime + my friend coming back from russia more 2 days so wanna be with her for some time didnt see her long time

so remind me more 1week or so ^^

FlameBaby Aug 1, 2010


i pretty liked that song xD

well i can make something specially for u xD

just give me a song u like and il try to make something

FlameBaby Aug 1, 2010

hello ^^

pls check out my new AMV its just my second one ^^


and i would like to become a friend with u, if u want so just write back in my profile ^^