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sothis Aug 24, 2011

Soliciting users via an Anime-Planet account is against our rules/terms of service.

RedCrossRobbery Aug 24, 2011

Nah, I was hoping it was a paying gig, but the website seems newer, and I assume there isn't much in the form of cash flow. I'm recently into a new apartment, and dont really have the time for a hobby like this. Sorry :{

Aten Aug 16, 2011


Thank you very much for your message. Unfortunately, I must humbly decline the offer you have extended due to my studies as well as full-time job in the coming months. As interested as I am in helping out, I can't make any commitments with regards to time. My apologies, though I will visit whenever I can!

nasreen10 Aug 14, 2011

Thank you very much. I am very flattered. However, I respectfully decline and would like to stick with my non-official reviews. As much as I love anime, when school comes around, I become more haphzard with my anime selection. Therefore, I don't think I'm up for the responsibility and I definitely don't want you to have some half-assed person on your crew. Thanks though :)

hoggersying Aug 11, 2011

Hi Tennin, thanks for the offer. Unfortunately I think I'll have to decline (not sure I want to invest the time). The site looks cool though!