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Feb 23, 2012

What the heck did I just watch???

While I believe Gyo deserves some credit for coming up with something other than the overused zombies, the story is gonna keep your ideas about this "walking fish" juggling around. Seriously? walking dead fish? Anyway, the more you find out, the more your new understandings of this new creature gets thrown out the window. Then you end up seeing too much that you just stop and start watching something else.

***spoiler start*** (the juciest stuff)

First encounter you find a fish with legs that smells of death. The same characteristics apply to a huge shark that later invades a summer home the main characters stay in. Later in the movie the infection is passed on to other sea creatures, land animals, and eventually humans. Then looking into the matter you find that it's a discovered bacteria capable of infecting a[n] animal/person and makes its body emit gas. Supposedly it was top-secret WW2 bio-weapon. And then they bring up these little 4-legged moving mechanical things made so the infected can get around (the infected in this movie are supposed to be immobile due to the infection) and infect others with litterally a poke of it's leg. These 4-legged things are believed to be powered by the gas emitted from its "pilot". Then nearing the end, science goes out the window and you're led to believe that the gas is very much alive/has a life of it's own.

If you're like me and questioned the movie, you probably asked yourself how is there sooooooooo many of those 4-legged things, and how they vary in size. Also that first fish that was crushed, how the hell did it fly in that bag? Is it the gas??? It just doesn't make sense at all...

***spoiler end***

You will end up with a vague understanding, you're literally gonna flip a table and yell "dafuq is this sh**?!" It elevates to stupid confusing from mid-climax to end.

I guess you can say this is where Gyo shines the most. It presents well drawn, pretty visuals and realistic animation throught the entirety of the movie. If you're one of those people who really pound on blending 3D/CG visuals with animation, you won't have to pound this movie very much. The CG blends very well the surrounding color/lighting.

It was satisfying to me; not amazing but fit well enough. I didn't feel that any of the environmental sounds or sound effects in Gyo were out of place or used inappropriately at any point. ...Well maybe except the transition to the title frame needs to be touched-up, but I'll be nice about that.

Typically in apocalyptic/zombie movies there's always that badass charachter that can kick ass that everyone looks up to, and the character that ends up a coward or a real ass. If you're looking for new lovable charachters in Gyo, you will be disappointed. Most OVA characters develop barely enough to understand who the character is and his/her personality, nothing down to the littlest of details; only the main charachters get the spotlight. It's no different here. Not only that but Gyo's characters don't develop well enough for you to like any of them.

  • Kaori: graduate, Erika and Aki's classmate
  • Tadashi: Kaori's fiance, works in a movie studio
  • Erika: Kaori's classmate, whore
  • Aki: Kaori's classmate
  • Shirakawa: freelance videographer
  • Koyanagi: scientist, wealthy, Tadashi's uncle

Keep this in your waitlist. More saddening than entertaining in my book. While it made much sense in certain parts of the movie (like the rise of some cult during a terrible event), many other parts just make you wanna stop watching. It didn't pack the violence I had expected given the magnitude of the terrible events that happen in Gyo but truth be told it's sick in it's own way. Gyo definitely brings about a lot of wierd stuff that we don't see every day! (Kinda makes you wonder what went through the director's head during the making of this movie) If you're intrested in apocalyptic movies and/or seek some mindf***, then give Gyo a shot. Otherwise you may want to pass.

Perhaps I was being too nice reviewing Gyo. 

4/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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jack96 May 30, 2012

I actually prefer reading your review, rather than watching it ~~~