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❤ Top 5 Anime

One Piece

-I love everything about One Piece. I love the strawhats and how luffy gathers nakama along the way. I like how each strawhat has thier own backstory and have thier own dreams, and thier loyalty to the captain. I love the whole One Piece world because it's really vast and some island have thier own culture e.g. an island for women only, fishman island slavery, the celestial dragons power (Man, I hate them. Love when Luffy punches one of them), the bounties (Love how the stawhats gets known around the world) etc. It has a great storyline e.g. the use of foreshadowing where parts of the previous arc plays a big role in the current arc or it has been expanded. It has so many emotional moments that I would remember for the rest of my life e.g. Robin's emotional "I want to live", Marry Go's Farewell, Usopps Fight Luffy, Ace and Luffy. Each arc flows well to the next arc like an arc isn't forced. Although the pacing may be slow (which I didnt mind) but when it get's to the climax, it's the best. I also like how after the ordeal, they celebrate and eat like they party. I also hate some of the villains that I love them. My favourite arcs are Arlong arc, CP9 caga, Amazon Lily arc, Ace and Luffy's Past. The rest are amazing also. ONE PIECE FOREVER <3

Fairy Tail

-Best thing about this series are the characters. The interaction with the main characters are awesome. I love the Fairy Tail guild. I love how villanous characters goes in the good side. And there is something about this series that is refreshing. I guess, I just find the comedy awesome because I prefer comedy where the characters points out something funny about a character and the characters personality doing the comedy. I dont know how to put it in words but whatever. I also like the story arcs because as you go along, it gets more interesting. There's also this feeling I have where I alway say 'Hmm, that's interesting'. It's a really interesting series. It may not have a solid storyline like bleach and one piece but the super enjoyment I get makes up for it. I also love the Fairy Tail world e.g. mission ranking, guilds, rewarding, mages with awesome powers, edolas world. It's a really light hearted series and I love that. It's probably the most enjoyable series I've seen and there are also some serious moments which I love. I just love how each member of the fairy tail guild look out for each other. I think I like every character in fairy tail except that ichiya. The only things I can see wrong is that Fairy Tail Guild is OP but whatever and it may be a little weak when it comes to storyline compared to other shounen but it's interesting enough for me to love it. Fairy Tail <3, Natsu x Lucy Fan <3

Hunter x Hunter

-Love how the villains potrayed as vile and twisted but as you watch the series more, you can see there is still a human in them. E.g. The members of the spiders caring about thier nakama especially Pakunoda <3, Bomber and his three comrades asking to heal the other, and the chimera ant arc where the ants gradually shows human emotions. I love Gon and Killua's relationship as bestfriend and it's always fun to watch Gon casually saying stuff about killua and killua being embarass. I love how the main characters care for each other. I love the SPIDERS, they're awesome (Machi <3). I so love HISOKA. One of the best villain I've ever seen. I love the authors story telling. My favourite arc from this series is the Chimera ant then GI then yorkshin. Too much emotions from the ant arc and I just love how komugi's role starts of as small and then plays a big role. We also see Gon and Killua's character develop even further and I love the other characters in the team. I also love the power system which is Nen and IMO, it's the best power system there is. I mean there are different categories and techniques are compehensive. I love the hunter world and how there are different hunters and I like how the author is not afraid to kill off a character. HUNTER <3

Code Geass

-Best thing that I love about this anime is the Ending. The ending is probably the best ending I've seen in an anime series. I also don't remember being bored on any episodes of the two series code geass has. Every episodes is great. I also like the idea of the GEASS power. How gaining the power will only bring solitude in return but in the end it brought happiness. I also love what Lelouch goes though in order to reach his goal and there are two character deaths that really made me depressed and this rarely happens to me. It always interesting to see Lelouch's battle against his enemy and Suzaku vs Kallen. I love the setting of the series, I mean Japan turning to Area 11 and britania ruling a large portion of the world. I also love most of the characters. Fan of Lelouch x Kallen, CC, Shirley ;)...Love Lelouch's Tactics. I just love the amazing storyline with the amazing plot twists and Lelouch's character development. The other character's development is also great.  Kallen <3, Zero <3

Death Note

-Love the concept of death note, L VS Light.


-Love how it makes me root for Ashirogi Muto and when they celebrate, I also celebrate with them.


Others (In Order):


-What I love about this series is the great execution of the dramatic scene. I also love the characters which are great. Thier interaction to each other is really interesting to see and they are really interesting. Love the love triangle or who knows how many. The storyline may be simple but because of these well executed scenes, it made this series so awesome. The series starts as comedy but the later episodes becomes really serious as the characters uncover what each characters really feel. I also love how Amin knows about the whole situation and just gives Ryuji hints about it. I also like the time when Ami and Taiga sings. I just love how we don't see what the characters feelings are and then all of it  just comes out in a scene. Yeah, it may have been obvious that she likes him or he likes her but I still want the characters to actually say it. I also love the ending 2: Orange. Love, love, love the Execution of the dramatic scenes.


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

-Love the epicness of this anime, the inspirational speech. In the beginning of the series, hands down it's enjoyable but there was something missing and while watching the anime, I was hoping for something to change. Even when one of the main character died, I was still hoping for a change because the story is a bit predictable. You know that they will get attack, will struggle and out of nowhere they win. Then the timeskip comes and that's when I started loving tthis series. It's really awesome to see the changes e.g. the characters growing and the city. I just like how Rusio becomes this strict and will do anything to keep things in order. Like how viral joins. The sacrifice. I pretty much love the speeches. I felt like Yoko didn't have much of a big role which disappoints me a little bit but whatever with the capital W. Epic Speeches <3 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann <3



-Love the characters, how tragic it is, the dramatic scenes e.g. Ushio calling Tomoya Dad and where Tomoya went back to the scene where nagisa and him first met and him hesitating and you know the rest. First half of both seasons are boring but the second half is a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Naruto / Shippuden

-It's dark and focuses on the issues of the whole shinobi world e.g. effects of war.


-It's epic. Love the first arc.


Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

-Best thing about this anime is the storyline and episode 11. I mean it's the tale of group of friends who cant move one because of thier friends death. Then, in the end, they are able to moved on. Love the characters. Love the directing e.g. Jintan saying something towards the end of early episodes. Love how we see why each character hasn't move on yet and you really feel sorry for them for blaming themselves. You can really see how each character is still thinking about menma and you can really see how they cope and the guilt they are holding. I also love the super peace buster and it made me want to have friends like them back in childhood and do those stuff. I also love how the super peace busters stopped acting like they use to towards other members but as they spend more time together, they eventually fall back into thier old habits like when they were kids e.g. When Anaru and Jintan are playing Nokemon and they caught something and to celebrate they high five each other and say 'Yay' (then became they embarass afterwards), and they stopped calling each other thier childhood nicknames but eventually fall back into saying it again (Anaru, Jintan etc.). The thing that I didnt like about this series is why didnt menma do those stuff in the beginning to make them aware that she exist as a ghost but whatever, I guess she's just an airhead. Anway, The last episode was so awesome. I just love how they are gathered and talking about why menma hasnt passed on. I just love how each characters shows what they really felt. It's really sad to hear it and when poppo start saying his reasons, it become clear why he was so enthusiastic in the early episodes. Then the final conclusion. The goodbye was awesome, the scene was awesome, the found you was awesome, the I love you, menma was awesome, overall it was extremely sad. Episode 11 <3, Super Peace Busters <3, Anaru<3


Sword Art Online

-Best thing that I love about this anime is the world. The whole SAO world is awesome, I mean I've always been interested in MMORPG but never played it but to get to see an anime about it is awesome. Another best thing I love about this anime is the action scene. Damn, they're awesome. Some of the best action scenes I've seen, if not, the best. I also like the episodic feel of it and the feeling I get when waiting for it to come out every week. I love it when some of the MMORPG aspects are covered like searching for an item and weapon making. I also love the boss fight e.g. where kirito uses dual sword and with 1 hp left, and the fight with the salamander leader. Some people say the pacing is too fast and that the storyline is all over the place but I didnt care about the pacing and the storyline. My interest in MMORPG's aspects e.g. boss fights and the whole world made up for the storyline. Some people are also disappointed at this series but me? nah, I wasn't really expecting much out of it and just enjoyed it and I did enjoy it so much. It may not have the greatest storyline but it's enough to get by. I also love Kirito x Asuna because despite being stuck in a game where you can die, love appears and makes you strong and the series handles that really well. All the Kirito x Asuna moments are so awesome and cute and sweet. All you need is LOVE. The thing that I didnt like about this series is lack of secondary characters that are developed and the second half is not as good and almost every female character is falling in love with him but whatever. And also kirito is too OP. Leafa <3,  KIRITO x ASUNA <3, Action scenes <3, SAO <3




-Love the characters and how they are affected. Love how it became serious around episode 13, I think. Love the dilemna the main character faces. Love episode 22 where there are romantic scenes and at the same time its sad. Love what follows after episode 22 because i didn't think it will get better after that episode.




Angel Beats!

Attack on Titan

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Kanon (2006)

Haruhi Suzumiya

Elfen Lied

Future Diary


Eden of the East


Kokoro Connect





Yu Yu Hakusho


Welcome to the NHK!

Usagi Drop

Cowboy Bebop

Kuroku no Basket


Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Deadman Wonderland

Rosario + Vampire

Highschool of the Dead

Ano Natsu de Matteru

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Log Horizon




Flame of Recca

Samurai Champloo




Suki-tte Ii na yo.

Fruits Basket

The World God only Knows

Guilty Crown

Lovely Complex

Please Teacher



Yosuga no Sora




School Days

❤ Favourite Manga  

(Mangas that I read from the beginning)

GE - Good Ending


Others (In Order):

-Kimi no Iru Machi- 


-Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo-



-Nozoki Ana-

-Kimi ja Nakya Dame Nanda-

-Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou-

Other details:

Natsu x Lucy Fan

Favourite character of all time: Monkey D Luffy

Best Anime Kissing Scene I've Seen:

Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka

Haruto Kirishima and Yuzuki Eba

My Rating Criteria:

5.0-> This anime will be my favourite for the rest of my life

4.5-> This anime appeals to me and I love it

4.0-> I really like this anime

3.5-> I like this anime

3.0-> Enjoyable but forgettable

2.5-> Enjoyable but I don't like some things that can't be overlooked

2.0-> Enjoyable but I don't really like some things about it that can't be overlooked

1.5, 1.0, 0.5-> I don't like this anime

Top shounen Story arc:

One Piece: CP9 Caga

Hunter x Hunter: Chimera Ant Arc

Bleach: Soul Society Arc

Fairy Tail: Tenrou

Yu Yu Hakusho: Chapter Black (But the rest of the arcs are stupid especially the last arc which suck balls that's why it falls to 3.5. It may have been one of my favourite series if it wasnt for these reasons.

❤ Top 3 Anime/Manga ❤




4) Code Geass

5) Death Note

Bakuman, Toradora, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Clannad, Naruto, 

Bleach, AnoHana, Sword Art Online, Steins;Gate, GE - Good Ending, 

Kimi no Iru Machi

Episode that made the most impact:

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 85

Also a fan of K-Drama and J-Drama

List of korean Drama's Seen:

-The Heirs

What I like about this drama is the characters. Each characters are really interesting and I love how each of them treats different characters differently. You could say thier relationship to each other and the way they act depending on the person is interesting. E.g. Rachel Yoo is mean to Eun Sung but kinda cute when with Sunbae, and Young Do and Kim Tan's relationship is interesting to watch as we see thier rivalry. I also love how the show shows us the cons of being born rich e.g. Kim Tan's brother marrying some other girl she doesnt even love just for the sake of the company. I also love the cute couple which are Lee Bo Na and Chan-Young. They just have this amazing chemistry. The acting in the hiers is also amazing and you can feel thier emotions. I also like the solid storyline. I also love how Young Do's character development because he has changed the most and an awesome character. But the heirs also has weak points. One is that the character development for Kim Tan and Eun Sung is kinda repetitive. Eun Sung feeling scared and saying no but they end up back together. And I also felt that the climax was weak because the element of danger wasnt there. Like there's something missing and lacking. It was certainly entertaining and exciting to watch but the character development for the main just lets it down. Final Rating: 4.5/5

-Two Weeks

What I like about this drama is it's thrilling. I find myself being involved in the drama saying 'Cmon' or 'F you' to villains. I just love how peaceful the life of tae san is then his past became his present as the girl he left ask him to donate his bone marrow but then, he got accuse of something he didnt do. Then the wondeful story begins. I love how the villains were chasing him in the beginning then it was turned around as tae san started to chase the villains nearing the end of the series. The little kid is also full of cuteness and I love how she crossed down the days in the calendar at the end of every episode. I also find the backstory of the main and in hye really interesting. It has action in it but not that much. I love the journey of the main, tae san, as he tries to survive and tries to put the villain behind bars. The only fault i could find in this series is it became really slow towards the end of the series. I love how the main tries to better himself towards the end and live with more hope, happiness and with aim. Final Rating: 3.5/5

-You Came From the Stars

What I like about this drama is the love between do min joon and cheon song yi. I thought that the potrayal of love in this series is excellent. The backstory of the main is okay, I dont dislike it but I dont like it that much. I just love the idea of the main not falling in love with someone for 400 years and then as he was nearing the time for him to leave the earth, he falls in love with the actress and made his life more complicated. I also find song yi's weakness as an actress interesting which is being stupid. I also find the villain, Jae-Kyung as an interesting character and a great one. Not all the characters are great but the villain and the two mains are awesome. The story is very simple but what made it amazing is the love between the main. I love how they develop feelings for each other and do min joon protecting cheon song yi. I also like the idea of the main's powers. What I really love about this series is how cheon song yi tries to make excuses just to see do min joon, and they have awesome chemistry. I love how song yi acts as a child and whines as she tries to make do min joon fall for him. I also love how do min joon tries to bottle up his feelings away because he knows it's not going to work but can't resist song yi's charm ;). It has also many funny moments like its so funny. It has a good ending too. Final Rating: 4.5/5 

-Master's Sun

What I love about this drama is the chemistry between the CEO and tae gong shil. CEO is one of the most awesome character I've watched so far. I also love the story and the idea of gong shil being able to see ghost, with the CEO as her hideout and the CEO slowly begin to fall in love with her. Gong shil also trying to resolve the ghosts favours offers really sad dramatic moments that can make you cry. Some are more memorable than others but all are good. One moment that is memorable is how the CEO pretends to see ghosts as he comfort the soldier. What I also love about this series is the issue of the CEO with cha hee jo and how it got resolved when nearing the end of the series and I love the twists. I also love the characters, thier chemistry to each other such as CEO and gong shil, her sister and the security guard, yi-ryung with kang woo and sung-ran and seok chul. It may not surpass the heirs in terms of characters but it came really close. I also love how gong shil and jo jong wun's character, developed and made each other a better person and happier person. With the CEO doing things he's never done before and gong shil becoming more happier. I also find it heartbreaking when the CEO got an amnesia forgetting all about gong shil. The ending was also good showing the amazing chemistry betweem them two and all the characters we're living happily. Final Rating: 4.5/5 

-City Hunter

What I love about this drama are the chemistry between lee yun-seong and kim na-na, the action with slow motion on some parts especially the stunts, and the amazing storyline. The first episode is the best I've seen in my korean drama life so far. I love the funny moments between yun-seong and kim na-na, the romantic moments and I just love it everytime they talk to each other. Some of thier memorable scenes are: the playing in the fountain with the kids, the living together scenes, back-hugging, kissing, working together like putting the money in the box to send and so many more scenes. The action is also super good e.g. slow motion fighting in ep 1 and the stunt e.g. using pen to glide to avoid camera. I also love how the city hunter captures the corrupt politicians and delivers them to the prosecuter with the military tags in them. There are also many funny scenes such as making the three sons sign up to the military without them knowing, the sending of the money to all the students, the president's son being all over yun-seong, and bae sik-jong falling in love with shin eun-ah. I also love how yun-seong becomes troubled by her mother and kim na-na is always there to cheer him up, and the feels when they finally learned the truth that they are mother and son. I also love the storyline, the revenge of the survivor for the betrayal which leads up to yun-seong only living for revenge but all he wants is to live happily. I love how the four of the five culprit is caught by city hunter for corruption. I love the plot-twist at the end. The only negative thing i can see is that towards the end(i think episode 15 and 16), the story kinda slowed down and a bit boring but after that it picked up the pace again and became awesome. (I think some dramas are also like this, slow when nearing the end). The thing that I've notice also was that the first half was focused more on the romance between yun-seong and na-na and the last half focuses on the storyline more. The ending scene was also great because we see that he actually cared for him. I also like how everything fits perfectly together e.g. ahjussi having the chip which city hunter use to track him down. Kim nana and lee yun-seong are so cute <3, awesome storyline <3, awesome action <3, awesome acting, lee min-ho does a good job of being the city hunter. Final Rating: 5/5

List of Japanese Drama's Seen:

-Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo

What I love about this drama is that it's really light-hearted and the acting is goofy and entertaining to watch. The storyline is interesting and Im very impressed with the acting of shiraishi as yamada. I like the idea of the witch and yamada trying to help them but it just felt like it's weak. There's no strong obstacle to overcome and most obstacles are overcame really easily. Another thing is that I felt that the characters could have been better and the pacing also. Each episode, we are introduced to a new witch which I don't mind but it makes the character development rushed. But overall, I think this series is really enjoyable and fun to watch and shiraishi actress is really pretty. I also like thier little romance. Final Rating: 3.5/5 

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Thank you.xxx

Nov 18, 2014
purefoton says...

Man, you don't have blood lad in your list?!

If you liked one Piece, you will definitely like blood lad! Sad thing is that it ended on the 10th episode... Man, it was getting my attention so much and then... they just blew it! Now I have to read the manga... those bastards! xD

Sep 18, 2013
purefoton says...

You know me too well :F

I'm still trying to figure out what's going on cause I mean, all of the sudden megumi dies, I'm like wtf?! The main character can't die like that.

But I promise I'll watch the whole thing from now on xP

Sep 15, 2013
purefoton says...

well, if we did our manga, I bet you'd have loads of fans reading the whole thing :D

But ye, it's quite useful... At least I can keep track with the new stuff coming up :D

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That's a lot of info on your profile :D

Thanks for showing me the website

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