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----- How I Rate Anime

5 stars -  I thought this anime was extremely entertaining and there was very few things that bothered me.  I strongly recommend that people watch this even if it isn't their cup of tea.

4.5 stars - I still strongly recommend this anime however I thought there were a couple of things missing.  An extrememly annoying character that's used excessivly in an otherwise good anime would cause this.  If the creators don't dive far enough into chars that play a serious role... then that's no good.  Too many bad guys with lightly explained back stories annoys me.

4 stars - Again,  I thought this anime was entertaining and I recommend that people should watch this only if they like that genre.  too many unbelievable chars with a mediocre back story will cause a full star loss.  

3.5 - I didn't enjoy this anime all that much but I finished it.  I would still recommend it to those who enjoy the genre.  I thought the story sucked and the creators failed to display creativity. 

3.0 - I thought this anime generally sucked and I think people who rated this anime a 5 should be banned.

<3.0 - This anime has almost no redeeming qualities and the anime should be studied in schools so we don't repeat WW2.

<2.0 - I don't think there's a single person on earth that would enjoy this anime.  Not one.

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AngelBeatsYui Jun 7, 2015

Hello, nice to meet you.

I noticed that you made a recommendation recently, I am helping out getting more people like you to recommend for current season anime as well as previous ones (Plus manga if that is what you are interested in) . Thank you for you help by making the recommendation in the first place. And as a member of the forum recommendation club, I would love if you could help me.

Maybe even in the future you will be able to suggest some anime (and manga in the future) that may need more recommendations here:


Thank you for your time