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NoCheerios says...

Are Higurashi and Umineko actually related at ALL other than their titles?

Jan 4, 2011
Toidiedud says...

Well its easy for the anime...I just gotta remember them all so I still have a good bit left.

And argh I've read so many random manga XD

Jan 4, 2011
Toidiedud says...

Actually it was only since I clicked on Xplayer's link and I felt like making one :P

Saachi never persuades me. Ever.

Jan 4, 2011
foxhead556 says...

Thats some good anime you have seen ^^

Dec 28, 2010
Technomancer says...

I totally missed those 'captcha' things on the bottom. No wonder I couldn't comment here. >.>

Anyways, I was indeed a bit surprised that I'd seen so many anime. Though most of it is OVA/extra material. There's not *that* many real series in there. :PI have indeed been watching anime for quite some time now, but the only reason that I've wasted this much time is because of the 'monster 3' (or four, if you count naruto seperately).

Nov 10, 2010