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StaticWolf says...

Yer, I do plan to keep track and watch all of them. :/ Don't know if I'll be able to though...

And, Yes. Medusa. Is. Win.

Jan 27, 2011
sacchi says...

It is strange that case, nevermind!



Jan 6, 2011
Technomancer says...

Just changed my episode count for Hokuto no Ken, and it said there are 152 episodes? o.O

I only see 52 episodes on animefreak. Any place where I could actually see the other 100? 

Jan 6, 2011
StaticWolf says...

Ooops.... I already started.. :/

I already planned to watch Higurashi soon though, one of my friends from school recommended it to me. Seeing as there aren't many weekly runnning animes right now, I'll probably watch it after I've finished Umineko, that way Umineko will be fresh in my mind. :)

Also prepare for rant about how good Umineko is on Anime thread... I am almost certain that I will say how fantastic it is and how I loved all the characters, plot, twists etc... I always seem to do that right after watching an anime... That's why 1/3 of my anime are ranked 5 stars... :/

Jan 4, 2011
sacchi says...

I said that somewhere? I think I said toi has wasted more time on this stuff than me, but I don't think I mentioned you...

Jan 4, 2011