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Death note~ Final thoughts


This is my first blog post on anime-planet. And i didn't actually care about these blogs, but i just had to give my opinion about death note somewere..

Well I saw death note in three days, beacuse i couldn't stop watching :p

I don't know why, but I for some reason believe in shinigamis and the death note now. Like, who knows if it's real..Because if it was real, nobody would know anyways. I think there is more between earth and space that we don't know about or can't see.

And over to the characters, I think I liked all of them.. But my favourite was Ryuk of course! He's just too hilarious and cute. I kinda hesitated at first if he was the bad guy or not, but when I got to see how he really was I couldn't help it but just fall in love with his personality xD And how he got some kind of abstinence when he didn't get apples, haha too cute ^^

_______________________________SPOILER LINE_______________________________________

I loved Light too though! I'm admiring how he was thinking, and how he come up with all those plans! If I happened to be Kira, I would first of all fail at it and I would never thought about any of the things he did, so once again, I would fail x) And i loved the feeling you got when he said he was Kira, right infront of the victim before they died. And the looks on their face, PRICELESS! And to be honest, I got dissapointed when Light didn't win. Also I started to cry when Ryuk wrote his name in his death note and Light just layed down in the stairs! That broke my heart ;-;

Sorry if there's many typos, but i didn't go over it a second time.

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