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Intro and establishing a basis

19 FEB

Hey there!

I thought about trying to keep track of my watched anime in a little more detail than a x/10 rating and maybe it'll help some peeps deciding on which animes to watch. ^.^

I'm neither used to writing (especially a lot) nor is english my first language (though by now I'm doing most things in english), so please bear with me. :)

Also, I purely rate/recommend my watched animes on an enjoyment basis and not how well it was written, made or how many plot holes or mistakes are in them. This mainly means you won't find much deep analysis here, just what I liked, disliked and how I felt watching that anime.

Now to some "technical" things: my use of quotes and text formatting. I will use double quotes for "stretching" or "diffusing" the meaning of words (get used to it if you want to read my posts :D ). Quotes and citations will also get double quotes but also be italic. And lastly I'll use single quotes for names of Animes and maybe sometimes for character names depending on how necessary I feel they are.

My next point is "Subs or Dubs". There is just one choice for me: "Subs". The real start to my anime love happened by accident searching for a series to watch at a time where I had waaay too much time. Since I had run out of "RL"-series that interested me I happened to choose 'Sword Art Online' as my next time eater. It was subbed and I didn't mind at all (I was already on a "original-sound-trip" with english) and even liked it that way - for me Japanese is a nice sounding language and you get the sound as the producer wanted it - not like some unaffiliated translation team leader thinks the producer might have wanted it.

Also, I've heard some scenes of some animes in english dubbed while searching/browsing on youtube - and it gave me the creeps confirming that I made the right choice.

Aaand another paragraph, we're getting closer to some real anime talk. ;)

So you know what I generally like or dislike in/about animes, here's a little list:


  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Slice of life, Supernatural
  • cute girls and stuff ;)
  • "epics" like 'Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa', 'Mononoke Hime'
  • "random" animes like 'GJ-bu' and alike
  • good soundtracks/OSTs you can listen to without the anime


  • Genres: Magical Girl, Sports, Shounen-Ai
  • negatively manipulating/lying characters (or too much of it)
  • too much action focus
  • too long animes (= mainly 24+ episodes, though exceptions exist)
  • "too realistic" animation style like 'Death Note'

Things I don't mind some people find intolerable:

  • Ecchi
  • Gore/Splatter depending on the focus given to it
  • Incest aka 'OreImo'

Since favourite animes seem like the best way to round this post up, I'll start with those. In future posts I'll talk about animes I've recently seen and probably also include a spotlight of ones I haven't recently watched anymore.

Here are some of my favourite animes with a short description why I probably like it so much. ^.^

'Sword Art Online': The anime that tipped it all off. As hinted earlier, watched without really knowing anything about it, it instantly trapped me. While I find the 'Alfheim Arc' pretty annoying thanks to 'Sugou' and 'Suguha', I love the SAO Arc. I even read the LNs and must say, given the "chaotic" timeline they managed to pull a pretty nice anime.

I also have the "special" OST included in a 2 DVD complete box and since buying that box I'm still listening to it.

'Clannad'/'Afterstory': I'm not sure but I think this came after 'SAO'. I guess I don't need to say anything about it, everyone knows it and most people like it. ;)

Sadly 'Afterstory' was a little bit "ruined" for me since I chose to watch the 'Clannad Movie' after the first season not knowing it included the 'Afterstory'...

'Kanon (2006)': Another "classic" to be found on many favourite lists. I love 'Makoto'. Even though the progressing of her arc, I mainly rewatch 'Kanon' just for her. (And Nayuki. I'm a big fan of her sleep habits :D )

'Angel Beats!': The ending. Gods, the ending! And everything before it chained me to it too. ;)

I like the characters, 'Otonashi's' slowly realization of what is really going on, the background stories... It's just an awesome anime.

'GJ-bu': The newest addition to this list. A "random" anime with characters that are adorable AND unique ('Kirara' is still my favourite ^.^ ). This is one of the most relaxing animes I know and I love it for that.

Note: All the above animes managed to make me cry - which is quite the achievement.

'Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko': A nice take on "cute girls" combined with some "philosophy" and a bit supernatural.

'Aishiteruze Baby': My first anime of that kind: neither full blown romance nor full blown drama but a rather slow paced "slice of life" with an adorable child and a teenager that has to change his life to take care of her while trying to keep as much of his old habits as possible. It was a nice change in pace and atmosphere.

'Acchi Kocchi': "It's so fluffy you're gonna die!" :D

It's a fun to watch cuteness overload without any progression, but who cares? Original jokes, extreme characters and an extreme cute way of tsundere.

I'll leave it at that for now. I appreciate any suggestions for improvement and hearing what you liked or disliked about my post and writing.

Next post will probably come tomorrow, or at least within the next days.


Hoberu avatar Hoberu
Feb 23, 2014

Just finished watching SAO, too, and looking for reviews of it now.

I agree with your general opinion - it is really an outstanding show, especially the SAO arc. Nevertheless I liked the ALO arc, too. It still beats a great bunch of other anime as far as I am concerned. What exactly did you not like about "'Sugou' and 'Suguha'"? Sugou indeed is a weird antagonist, Kayaba is much better suited for the role, but I actually liked Suguha's story and her relationship with Kirito.

I have not watched any of the other anime on your list, nor did I have them on my personal "to do" list. As our interests seem to match on a wide basis, I will consider to have a closer look at them in the future. Thanks for the recommendations^^

If you do not mind, I may give back a recommendation: Go watch Mirai Nikki (TV). I terms of a "survival game" it is very similar to SAO and plays definitely in the same league. Plus it is one continous story arc with one of the best endings you may stumble across (won't spoil too much here).

Finally, your english sounds really well. I ain't a native speaker either, hope you can bear with my english ;)

Sianeka avatar Sianeka
Feb 19, 2014

Hard to believe English isn't your first language! You write it so well. Awesome understanding of the words, and the syntax of the language!!!!  Good job - hope someday I can be as fluent in another language!!!

I haven't yet seen ANY of these, so now I'm going to add some of these to my "Want to Watch" list, based on your notes here! (I have seen Clannard but only the beginning of Afterstory, which I hear is superior to the original.)

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