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Hewwo!! Mah name is... Waah, call me Tan, or Rin, most people do. Why Rin? Um, because I suddenly cosplays Rin from Inuyasha. She is noe of my favorit Characters! And yea, I do so definitly LOVE anime and manga. Notice the big letters, I'm serious =3 My status says I'm in Japan, and I am. I like to think of myself as partly japanese, since I so definitly belongs here. But, in real... I am Norwegian!!! Sooo, I know english, just don't force me to speak it out loud... It sounds weiiiiird! 0o I'm trying to learn japanese, good luck meh...! And, you know what? I don't walk on manholes! Never done, and I expect people to understand why I'm walking into them to avvoid the manholes. So, understand!! And, I can't walk down escalators. I can stand in them, walk up them, but walking down.. I can't! Ish scary =3 And I luffs sweets. I don't eat vegetables. No rabbit. And I'm facinated by ribbons, stockings, rocks, shiny things, underwear and pretty people n_n

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Sunagan Dec 15, 2009

Welcome on AP ^_^! So, how is it in Japan?

hellsfire Dec 14, 2009

Haha, interesting bio. you got there! Have fun and enjoy your stay ^.^