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Ever since that fateful day when I happened to stumble upon Dragonball Z while I was channel surfing, I've loved anime.

I'm really into Romance/Drama anime, and I don't even know why >.>  However, I still love Mecha/Action/Comedy as well.

I really dislike it when characters don't end up with who I wanted them to :P  Or, when the ending isn't happy.  I mean, who likes to watch a series for 26eps then it not end happily?  HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! :D

Here's a sketch i'm currently working on.  Its obviously not finished, but its supposed to be of Saito x Louise. :x


Thanks to college taking up alot of my time, my anime watching has slowed down I think.  Hopefully I'll get sometime to get caught back up ;P

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msglemons Mar 30, 2013

i mean it seems the only way to hold a conversation is to have my profile open in another page to see what you have written

is there a simpler way?

msglemons Mar 30, 2013

they should add messaging between users so i dont always have to type the two words and so my comments arn't left on the "users newest comment" page for everyone to read

if there is one plz tell me how to get there

msglemons Mar 30, 2013

dont worry to much because once you finish it, it will be over :'(

msglemons Mar 30, 2013

and i misspelled his name im not good with remembering japenese names srry

msglemons Mar 30, 2013

love your drawing seito is one of my favorite anime characters of all time