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I'm an easy going guy who goes by the name of Tony. My real name is Antonio, but I'm not used to hearing it much. I enjoy making friends and talking to people. When lazy my favorite things to do are play video games, read manga, and watch anime. Recently I've started reading comic books more frequently as well.

My anime list is probably missing plenty, and my manga list will be way off from quite some time.

I guess I'll randomly blog too. Probably game talk, knowing me. Hearing what people think of various subjects is nice. Variety is nice... Indeed.

I’ll be around and such, and look forward to meeting some of you~

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FringeGal Jul 11, 2012

Happy birthday dude( ̄ー ̄)

turtleduck Nov 21, 2011

Well that doesn't sound like fun. Luckily you found your way back home!! XD

He is like one of the greatest people in the world. Especially because he plays MW3 with me and he make delicious popcorn. It was because it doesn't have that weird taste that comes from popcorn in a bag. My dad also takes me to Starbucks in the mornings!

Even if you gave me the old man lecture on time mangement I wouldn't listen. Its so distracting having a laptop in class with the internet. I even wasted an hour in English today because I was downloading youtube videos in class. I almost started laughing and that would have given away that I wasn't working lol.  Thanks, I feel confident that I will do well on them. Well its 11:46 and I should go to bed because WE HAVE A GAME TOMORROW!!!! so excited, Night!!

turtleduck Nov 21, 2011

Yay your alive I thought you disappeared!!! or feel down a hole into Wonderland 0_o.

Yes green tea and popcorn. I drink a cup of green tea everynight and the popcorn new was because I was hungry, lol walked up to the pantry and looked for food. Saw nothing except a bag of popcorn. You probably think that was the popcorn I ate but it wasn't!!! XD I burnt it, because I followed the instructions on the bag instead of the POPCORN button on the microwave. My dad saw that I burnt it so he made me popcorn using his popcorn kettle so had hot fancy popcorn. It some how worked and was delicious with green tea (though I admit its an odd mixture)

Thank you so excited for the game!!

Yeah finally finished reading the chapter (was suppose to have read it last week but I hold stuff off till the last minunte and the test is tomorrow) now to read the Chapter Outline and then study for my math quiz tomorrow!!

hamletsmage Nov 2, 2011

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Hopefully, the next chapter will be done soon. It's about a third done now.

bluebush56 Nov 1, 2011

That was kinda cheesy LOL.Thanks for the reply though.I guess they are less sad because the endings are so heartwarming,unless I watch a show with a downer ending.I'll survive,my heart will be shattered into pieces,but I'll survive!