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Cooking Master Boy

27 DEC

If you take DBZ and replace the quest of balls with the quest for...ummm...bowls and knives...but keep all the ridiculous over-the-top reactions to EVERYTHING and how even boiling water somehow involves a "power up", then you have Cooking Masterboy. Somehow EVERYTHING involves dragons.  I wish I could take out my egg beater and BOOM, MYSTIC EGG BEATER DRAGON ARISE! GO FORTH DRAGON AND MAKE MY BREAKFAST!

I also love that all of China's issues can be fixed with food.

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xxjacobxx3 avatar xxjacobxx3
Mar 24, 2011

because of your amazing review, i have to check this anime out sometime to see how funny it is (the characters over-reacting to stupid shit). XD

Tamerax avatar Tamerax
Dec 28, 2009

you can really tell where bread got its influence but I agree that it is a much better show.

i didn't dislike cooking masterboy by any means.  i like over-the-top sillyness.

KiraRin avatar KiraRin
Dec 28, 2009

She made you watch it too :D

I liked it, not as much as bread, but it was still enjoyable ^^


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