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Aoi Hana

Oct 18, 2009

This anime is a like a big bowl of boring stew. You know on a cold winter night, you come in from the cold and you smell something you think will be amazing, but instead you are treated with a dinner made with 100% lame sauce.  Sure it looks good, but after 1 or 2 helpings, you wanna just walk away and do something else cause eating stew just gets boring after a while.  Even the tasty meat/tofu/whatever gets drowned out with all the crappy veggies that have all aquired the taste and texture of paste.

You just wanna get a nice hot cup of awesome to wash down your meal of boring stew.

I recommend something with lots of nudity.

and pirates!!


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2/10 overall
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Doommuks Nov 11, 2009

Go eat the damn stew of your own crapy opinion in front of the miror, thats probably the only one that finds your joke about food funny..... Aoi hana was a good anime, easy, the type that takes of the stress after the hard day... maby its just me i had an awefull day today, like always...  at 8 at school at 20 at home..... friging two schools... anyway the rewiew should be about the anime and not about you poor food......

enki Nov 5, 2009

I thought it was cute. >.>;;;

NimirRa Oct 19, 2009

Nudity and pirate stew sounds pretty damn yum.

sothis Oct 19, 2009

haha, awesome review, Aoi Hana was crap :p

KiraRin Oct 19, 2009

I recommend Bobobo instead...