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Zomg its me...Who is "me" you ask? ...oh, just the Almighty Super Special Awsome Hyper Lazy Ninja of DOOM..thats all... :D

tee hee....

oh a word of caution...Touch my man(Cloud Strife((Final Fantasy: Advent Children))) and you will die slowly and painfully with torturous ways of death I have pondered for usage on small children...

If you don't like Cloud..then good for you and have a nice day. :D

If you are jealous of Cloud...boo frikin hoo for you. Get over it. :D

If you think Cloud is gay or bi...you are a freaking idiot and obviously didnt pay attention to his character in the game or in the movie. go back and play the game again or watch the movie again...you people are morons...(those of you who think "oh well he crossdressed in the game, so that makes him gay!" are also mentaly retarded. he was forced to do that. didnt. do it. by. choice.)

If you think Sephiroth could beat Cloud if he could fight him again...you are also an idiot. Cloud has beat him 3 times before so what would make a 4th time any different?

If you are tired of reading stuff about Cloud...then be happy i am done... :D


I am a teen

I loves anime lots

I loves manga lots

I draw manga lots

If i could make an anime i would jump at the chance faster than you can say "pickle in a jar"

I plan to go to collage in Chicago to major in game design

I reeeeaaallly want to work for Square Enix one day...

My fave colors are black, red, silver, and blue

My fave foods are ramen, shrimp, sushi, cotton candy, and various junk foods

I love to be random

7 green flavored balloons in a sack

I am a friking ninja

I am a proud Christian. JESUS RULES AND HE LOVES YOU!!! :D

ummm ummm ummm....I get easily side tracked...

I have ADD.....

Hey look a butterfly......

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