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I want to psychiatrist I went to XS I all kinds a book I tried to commit suicide because I wanted to change really bad I'm very religious family how many do you have to go to if people like you shove it down your throat you can't do it will then what you supposed to do killed he'll have to change in the society stitching people's attitude toward homosexuality is incorrect and it's improper to be discriminatory toward anyone foray reason so much so but it should be illegal normalizing not a normal situation I'm sorry normally is a real issue here because what is normal in this society their degrees people in terms of heterosexual on onside and on the sex one the other there's a broad spectrum II I wrote manual to help people understand the causes they believe there are many causes homosexuality so many causes on I think basically three one is it's a need for same-sex parents love a guy is looking for his father's love for the man woman looking for mother's love for other women secondly Indians tickets in need for Jenseventy-five years a scientific research shows it to be know that they're not you're looking  Safer Colon  for gender identity its unfulfilled man in his masculinity looking to get it for another man third maybe abuse on many lesbians have been abused by Manuel and the hell section you yea I don't can't help it you can change it this is your I could have changed if it’s in border genetic it's in its improper and all these geneticist and biologist hey themselves and said there's no clear data to substantiate this theory it's not for all kinds of studies about biology verses environmental causes for homosexuality and indeed there probably are factors in both camps the thing is what he's saying is that he can change if he wants to change it just doesn’t happen that way he said him when we come back stay with us no I don't think that being gay is choice is water hardship and pain involved in being gay in the society and not many people would make that kind of a choice.


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