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wolfangel87 Feb 24, 2008

Love your favorites!  ^_^

Animedreamer240 Feb 22, 2008

Thanks to you, I'm definitely going to finish it!!! =)  Cheers, and thank you for commenting me back.  Keep in touch or chat with me if you would ever like to!

Animedreamer240 Feb 19, 2008

Hallo!  I just wanted to tell you that I really like your avvie.  It's rather calming when I stare into it. (-likes nature and pretty girls..in an artful way-)  Unfortunately, we don't seem to have the same tastes in anime, but I have given serious consideration towards finishing Welcome to the NHK.  I have gotten as far as...episode 6, perhaps. The animation style is the main thing that attracts me to the series. <3

Menchi Feb 10, 2008

Hello there! I've been sick and all, and tired of school, so I'm writing to you now. Hope I didn't keep you waiting for too long :)

So, I've been watching anime too (you can never be too sick for that!) and decided to start Magical Pokan again... Oh, and Animatrix was great, I can just say. I bought it from a moviestore near by... Yeah, I liked NHK generally, but I think the way it ended sucked. I mean, everyone else in it moved on in their life exept Satou and that girl. They didn't even get together... Maybe it's better for me to just stick with mahoushoujo, nee? ^^

I bought the first two volumes of Air Gear manga, and they're on their way now (I ordered them online, so...) Hmph, I really like the series, and I'm just wondering is there gonna be another season? If you watch just few episodes, It seems like it's a typical boys' series, but stay tuned! Good things are worth wayting for. :P Akito/Agito rocks!

Yeah I know, our week of exams starts 18.2 and after that we have a one-week holiday. Yay! That really puts your hopes up, to think that you can sleep late and have no homeworks... Though I'm going to use the freetime to write stories for our schools' newspaper, and to apply for a summerjob. Man... no rest, no rest...

Oh, by the way, you have no points yet? You can get them by adding new anime in the anirec database, or... something like that. I'd wanna do that, but I just can't get new anime anywhere. I'm too slow -.-

Gao ~ (I should watch Air again 'cause I love it <3)

Menchi Jan 24, 2008

Oh shi.... The second time my comment was too long. Damn. O_o Well, I wanted just to say that write back soon, I'll be glad to hear about what's going on at that end of the keyboard. 'Til later then!