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I will find them

20 JAN

I'm going to try to find 4 manga series tomorrow..: 'Wandering Son' ['Hourou Musuko'], 'A Distant Neighborhood' ['Haruka na Machi e'], 'The Walking Man' [Aruku Hito] and 'Chi's Sweet Home'..

I've already seen 'Chi's Sweet Home' on a comics store but I found it too expensive.. The other three are harder to find, specially 'The Walking Man', but I haven't lost my hope..!


If you have any of these series, how much have you paid for them..? And where have you bought them..?


AirCommodore avatar AirCommodore
Mar 27, 2012

Online will be your best bet (amazon, half.com, or the like). Physical stores usually don't stock anything but the most popular manga, because they aren't certain to sell. The Taniguchi ones will be especially hard to find, since they're older. Good luck, and great taste in manga!

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