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Death note

30 MAY

Ahhh Death note i found out about this about a year ago and it was the first anime i ever watched at first i was creeped out by then i relley liked my favorate chracter is L but honstly the could have done better on the live action movies. But over all Death note is one of the best animes and mangas out there.

I write this as i listen to the opening 1. 

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GOCRenn avatar GOCRenn
Jul 17, 2012

The live action movies were awesome except for the american version. You cant be a real fan if you havent watched "L Change the World".

trevorCLAYTON avatar trevorCLAYTON
May 31, 2012

thats a really nice blog you got there all about death note. thats the first series i ever owned.

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