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Hobbies: Outside of anime (obviously) I like to hang out with my friends, read, and the only sports do is running. (because i'm to clumsy to do anything else) I've never been a fan of team sports. Oh, you know, the usual. Mostly internet, anime, and friends.

I have a pretty optimistic view on life. Not to the extent of some of those heroines of reverse harem and magical girl animes, but still pretty happy. Humanity has a lot of problems but there are a lot of good people out there so lets be civil to each other, and not be overly macabre.

Well, my first ever anime was Digimon when I was around 6. Then i watched shows such as Naruto (cant stand now), Inuyasha, FMA (awesome), and those kinds of anime. Then i moved on to early teen years where my taste in anime kind of plummeted. I became quite the Yaoi and bishounen fangirl who really didn't care if there was plot in anime. I kind of look back to that anime and shake my head. Some of them still have a little charm but mostly blah.

Some of my current favorites are Higurashi (love this show), Baccano, Code Geass, Durarara, Welcome to the NHK (pretty funny). Elfen Lied was pretty good but I could have gone with less nudity and more plot. I'm about to watch Death Note, Eden of the East (i think thats the name), and Clannad.

Not that i don't still have a soft spot for some shoujo. Ouran High School Host Club is hilarious, Toradora is loveable, and a few harems are tolerable (Shuffle isn't bad). I don't care for ecchi but the first two seasons of Zero no Tsukaima are pretty good.

Well, thats about it!

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