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Welcome to my profile!

If you see that I haven't watched an anime that you think is really good, message me and tell me about it!

I've watched quite alot of anime as you may have seen from looking at my anime list.  I really love to watch and draw anime, I read a bit of manga and I love to chat about anime!  If you have steam, feel free to add me on my steam profile!


You can also buddy me here.

Top Anime Series:

1. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni ( It has been my favourite for a couple years )

2. Steins;Gate ( Starts out slow for some people but, solid story and really screws with your head )

3. Darker Than Black ( Love the action scenes, art style and mostly everything about it )

4. Rosario to Vampire ( First anime I ever watched, it's gotta go up here somewhere )

5. Death Note ( Very well written, english cast was great but one thing... NEAR! gaah... )

6. Watamote ( I loved it.  If only there was a dub... )

7. Clannad ( I. Love. This. Too. Much. )

8. Angel Beats ( I found the story kind of touching )

9. Inuyasha ( This was a long series, something I don't usually like.  The movies were great. )

10. Highschool Of The Dead ( What can I say?  I'm a typical guy. )

Animes that are kind of overrated (This doesn't mean they're bad):

1. Naruto ( Sakura... Why?! )

2. Highschool Of The Dead ( The story is ok I guess but it's pretty overrated. )


4. Bleach ( I don't dislike Bleach it's just... I got tired of it. )

5. One Piece ( Too.. Many.. EPISODES.... )

6. Inuyasha ( Great series in my opinion but, kind of overrated.  There are a lot that are better. )

7. Attack On Titan ( Come on guys.  It wasn't THAT good... )

Animes that are underrated (You should check these out!):

1. Steins;Gate

2. Kanon

3. Ouran Highschool Host Club

4. Baka and Test

5. Darker Than Black

6. Hellsing

7. Eureka Seven

Thanks for reading, and remember, these are only MY opinions!  Of course Higurashi and Steins;Gate are going to be at the top of my list since I'm a diehard fan of Psychological/Thriller and Horror anime!

As far as manga goes, I really enjoyed the following:

1. Inuyasha

2. Rosario to Vampire

3. Naruto

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