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I tend to finish shows that I either like a hell of a lot, or completely loathe. I won't hesitate to drop a show if I find it painfully mediocre. I try not to juge others for their taste, I consistently fail in this task.

My rating system is based on my own subjective enjoyment of a show, if there are objective things that should count towards the rating, I'll often post about those things in the relevant thread on the forum and adjust the score accordingly.

My favourite TV shows and OVAs can be found here and my favourite feature length movies can be found here

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CaoMoo Oct 14, 2013

wow that is the most horrifyingly awesome description of suck I have ever read. Good Job! :)

Mangina Sep 26, 2013

I didn't know the part with Bushido, that was interesting ^^

ZKMsphere Aug 31, 2013

Thank You! I've been wanting to watch it but I was too afraid to so thanks again :D

Skylos Jun 26, 2013

WAIT. YOU USED MY EMOTIONS. TO PLAY ON MY SYMPATHY. How... how dare you play with a young girl's innocent heart!!!! ;_;

Yeah. But then again, I'm online schooled. So I guess not having much social distractions is used as an excuse by the school to load you with even more work. So basically, what happened during finals week was:

1. Cram everything you've learned in the past year--bonus if you still understand what the heck you've been reading for the past 3 hours... then realize that you've actually been reading the same page. Cry in frustration.

2. Scream from the amount of last-minute projects you're supposed to do but then the teacher forgot to assign it because he forgot for some reason... Then cry because you can't scream at him because he's on the other side of the world. You can't do anything about that.

2.5. Browse the sample questions. Stare because you don't know how to answer every single one. Cry, once again, in frustration.

3. Marathon said last-minute projects. BP if your essay makes sense, if it doesn't, oh well, you did your best.

4. Lie in a fetal position after each exam. You sold your soul, and your sleep-deprived brain can't take it anymore. Try not to cry. You only have, what, 5 more exams to go. Not counting the overall exams though. Only the semestrials.

They quite literally want you to go fuck yourself :D

I've already rewatched FtNW 2 times. Take that xD

Hm. I might watch Utena this summer. Previous dabblings in Yuri have been unsuccesful.

Potato is probably the oddest thing I've ever watched. Not counting Yosuga though. But yeah.

lol on Saeki. If you like her, I highly, highly suggest you read the manga. Her character is really well portrayed in the anime, but you won't really see who she "really" is 'cuz of the episode count. It's a real shame, actually. The manga's still ongoing, and on its current arc, I might even say that it's a lot more interesting than what the anime's covering. And Saeki's character just gets so deliciously complex ;)

Beat that Bishoujo post, Tae. I'm waiting... 

RingoStarr1991 Jun 25, 2013

Funny thing I actually came across that blog post awhile ago when looking up thoughts about the toothbrush scene. I agree that the second season does try use fan service in a unique way of showing how sexual the characters are trying to be but for my personal experience it was very off putting. Scenes like when Koyomi comes back with the "supplies" and we have that shot of Karen just laying down on the bed and they switch to the panty shot was in my opinion very unnecessary. Yes I get that she is opening herself up to him but I didn’t need that extra service to understand what the hell is going on. Say what you want, the first season used fan service in a much better way of showing character development than the second one.

Also to comment on the overall character development between the two seasons; I disagree that they did a better job with the second season. While they spent more time on the sisters with longer character arcs, I felt as if they dragged too much (especially with Karen's arc which even dipped into the first episode of the other sister's arc). Also they COMPLETELY disregarded the original cast after the first episode (yes a couple of them popped in again but only for a very short amount of time). While you learned more about the sisters, I enjoyed how they introduced each character in the first season much more. They accomplished much more in less time with the characters in the first season than they did with the two sisters in the second one.

All this being said, I will repeat my statement on my first comment I sent you; Nise is still a good and enjoyable show. I just think when compared to Bake they are completely in different leagues and Bake blows it way out of the water. if Nise is a 8/10, Bake should be (in my opinion) a solid 9.5/10 or even a 10/10.