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I tend to finish shows that I either like a hell of a lot, or completely loathe. I won't hesitate to drop a show if I find it painfully mediocre. I try not to juge others for their taste, I consistently fail in this task.

My rating system is based on my own subjective enjoyment of a show, if there are objective things that should count towards the rating, I'll often post about those things in the relevant thread on the forum and adjust the score accordingly.

My favourite TV shows and OVAs can be found here and my favourite feature length movies can be found here

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Skylos Jan 26, 2014

I thought I had already replied to you, Tae. Turns out I didn't ^^'


Agreed. I hate it when people tell you that this is a waste of time or something like that. Say, is being an assistant instructor a full time job for you? Good luck on Judo ^^

Yep. It's disorienting sometimes though. One minute you're in some city in Kansai with snow falling outside, the next you're complaining about how hot it is in Kuala Lumpur. If by much longer than a year you mean a school year, then yes. Not longer than a year xD

Fine, you can kick people. I admit that it's somewhat a blasphemy to put anything in your tea but I can't help it. I've heard of that book! My instructor mentioned it to me one time, but I've never got the chance to read it. Bahaha! I'm sure some pretty lass will get you sooner or later, Tae. I will! I'm getting a campaign manager. Expect me to run once I hit 18 haha! Worse part of it is that the people here have so many freaking dialects and it's annoying the heck outta me ;_;

Lucky you. Unfortunately, I need to watch them. Curse it. Will you watch KnK 2 though? It's like you know it's poison but can't control yourself. Heesh, KyoAni. Oh yes, dem abs... HNGGG. The abs almost make up for the lack of story. Almost.

Skylos Jan 19, 2014

Oh thank heavens!

YES. IT WAS. IT WAS AMAZING. Kyaa! It's still there, Tae. The feeling of my yuri bar being filled is just xD

Holy shit, Tae! Holy mother of crap! O_O So you're an instructor! That's awesome. Where do you instruct though? Judo too?! I can't even keep up with Aikido O_O

Yeah, pretty much the same thing. He's required to stay in his home country for at least 2 years before being posted again,see. The US does give that feeling, doesn't it? I've stayed there once. I am morbidly nervous of entering their school system again.

Tie me up then, because I'm guitly of putting two cubes in mine haha! Yup, and that's why you always go for the big guys when you partner up. And beauty is subjective, dear Tae-sama, because the youth of Asian faces are just HNGGG. Thank you, I shall also make you vice-president and director of yuri-ism. I already cry Tae, I cry rivers of blood after the letters have murdered my eyes.

Groan. Totally right. I mean, Tamako Market and Chuu2 were fine but I don't think they deserve another fudging season. Freaking milking it. Fine, but I think we can agree on that Rin was a little bitch, right? Great SoL sports with abs as hard as diamonds. I think I get why you like it, Tae. Hopefully there'll be a second season for you.

xCanaxCherry Jan 19, 2014

xD I just love your profile!

Skylos Jan 18, 2014

Sorry for the late reply, Tae-sama xD


O_O Holy shit, 3 times?! Wah, I hope that'll happen in the near future! You a teacher? Well, moving around is our thing. Father's a diplomat, see. But hopefully we can settle in the US.

HNGGG~ tea. I fudging love tea. Earl Grey seeped until it's the color of the underside of a soldier's boot. In Aikido, it's actually easier if your opponent is a bit bigger than you. More area to grab on to. The women are... well they're good looking I guess. I'm the type of gal that likes short, Asian women though ^^' Nah, it has nothing to do with that--it's just my father's job xD I swear, if I become president of whatever, I'd make it mandatory for my underlings to watch girl on girl rabu rabu. I'm learning Japanese Tae, and it's already hard to learn all the kanji without losing your sanity. But Russian? I want to pull my hair out. Really.

Of Kyoukai? Second season? I'd actually like to see that just to see how hard they screw it up. I'm gonna drop Copellion then, because I can't handle it anymore.... I enjoyed Free too, actually. I just don't openly admit it haha! Rei was the man, yes. But Makoto though.

Skylos Jan 15, 2014

I'm sure that the awesomeness that is that picture will be appreciated by art lovers such as them.

Nah, I'm already at an apartment. AND AND. The internet is fast, thank god. Ep 1 is already here, Tae. I'm conflicted as to whether I want to watch it NAO or just wait for the next ep.

FUFUFU. For my sake then, I hope you don't lose. Bahaha! Breaking wrists is just part of the fun! I do hope that I can take up another art here. The main struggle is finding a teacher that'll speak English. If I don't, I'll have to wait six months again--going to the US that time.

Oh lol. Crumpets and tea, eh? And I don't even know if anyone is of that average height here! Gah! It's like moving towers or something! The women are HUUGE. Holy. I think I... I think I like it so far, I guess. It's not home, but you don't really have a choice. And I don't go out much anyway xD I guess I'd say the Russians aren't quite... hospitable. Like, speak English and they'll insist on speaking Russian. I haven't seen or heard of any new hate crimes on my yuri yet, so that's a good thing. And you're right. I guess they just need more girl on girl rabu rabu. I don't know if I have to learn cyrillic at this point, but I guess it'll be necessary. And yes, it does look like a kindergartener put random letters together in an attempt to pass a spelling test. You have to talk pantsu with r-18, Tae. It's your duty as an Ojii-san.

But I'll bet on anything that the source material is better than the shit we've seen. The dorama in it could be compared to freaking Copellion--which, for the record, I'm getting the urge to drop. And yes, I'd prefer the gay swimming anime if I'd known Kyoukai was going to be one of the biggest turds in the season.