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I tend to finish shows that I either like a hell of a lot, or completely loathe. I won't hesitate to drop a show if I find it painfully mediocre. I try not to juge others for their taste, I consistently fail in this task.

My rating system is based on my own subjective enjoyment of a show, if there are objective things that should count towards the rating, I'll often post about those things in the relevant thread on the forum and adjust the score accordingly.

My favourite TV shows and OVAs can be found here and my favourite feature length movies can be found here

Thanks for reading, now listen to Noa

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Skylos Jul 13, 2015

Yeeeeep. No escape from this, yes. And I haven't watched Free 2 yet... HUAHAHAHAHA~

Forensic science courses. I'm planning on taking anthro in college, emphasizing on bio anthro, and forensic anthro is one of those big shot job thingy majigs. Drinking IS good... but I still can't get over the taste xD

I accidentally fell from the bed and landed on my shoulder. I'm a walking cliche, Tae.

Maybe because you start wih Aikido first, and then move on to Kendo? xD And I'm still in Mother Russia, yes. I'm even attending language classes. And this is only for like... another year? I'm hoping to do lots of other stuff, yeah, and it does suck to have no time. But! I'm actually planning to study graduate school in the UK if ever xD

OH OH. Have you watched Hibike yet? The KyoAni spring offering dismissed as a K-On carbon copy. Which is bullshit. Watch it, Tae.

Skylos Jul 12, 2015

Well it's too late to back out on animu now, is it? It's like, why stop at killing one person, you know?

Yeeeep. I heard the punishment was not having a future... something along those lines. Doesn't stop there though--I need to take extra courses -.- And I'm planning to make drinking my main hobby when I'm really adulting.

AHA. I'm having shoulder pains myself. And oh my. You should change your username then! But it wouldn't be the same... It would mean calling you Jud. Like Jude, only smaller. And less like that one Beatles song. Which isn't nice.

Aikidoing, Tae xD but no, I haven't had the time to do either--chalk that up to language barriers. I'm now into more shut in antisocial educational stuff. Like piano. And sourdough bread.

Tentoumushi Jul 11, 2015

No, you can't set my loins on fire, Tae.

Skylos Jul 11, 2015

I really am gonna slap you hard, you know~

I'm a legally adult and can do most adulting, yes, but I still walk that fine line between being considered a jailbait or no. And that means I can still watch anime, Tae. smh

Yep. I think my eyebags are deeper than the Mariana Trench now O.O

You? What have you been up to?

Skylos Jun 21, 2015


I'm finally free of school.

Can now watch anime.

Pls rspnd.